My First Apartment, Triad

concrete exterior of Triad apartments

You may not hear a lot about Triad Apartments, but as a student I am grateful to live there! There are some great aspects about living here that makes me happy with my choice.

kitchen table in Triad
Finally, a kitchen! I can cook my own meals and not carry a full meal plan

I ended up living in Triad since I was the last to pick housing, leaving me to choose between Holly Pointe Commons and Triad Apartments. I lived in Chestnut last year, so I desperately wanted my own bathroom and a kitchen to be able to cook meals. I knew in the beginning that the roommates shared rooms and there wasn’t air conditioning, but I knew it would be a fun experience to live in my first apartment.

When I first moved into Triad, the moving in process what a lot less stressful because the building isn’t all full occupancy, so there weren’t a lot of people trying to get in and out of the building. Also, the fact that there are two elevators, and I live on the fourth floor, made moving in was a breeze.

You can breathe a sigh of relief because parking is plentiful here at Triad. Triad also has a Bagel Express right near it which is convenient to pick up food if you haven’t gone shopping in a while. It’s great to be able to go shopping and be able to cook my own meals. This year I’m carrying a smaller meal plan, saving me money.

Couch in living room in Triad
My living room in Triad

My classes are about a 15 minute walk away, so leaving a little early is important to get there on time. The new business building is close to Triad, so I recommend that business majors may want to look into Triad, as it is so convenient.

Another great quality about Triad is how they hold plenty of small events for residents to get to know each other. From going from a dorm to an apartment, I didn’t know what to expect and how different it was going to be. The resident assistants made events for us to that were related to our careers (like practicing interviews and learning how to use LinkedIn) to a Superbowl party and trivia nights.

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By: Danielle LaSassa, Hammonton, NJ (Camden County)
Sophomore journalism major