#PROFspective PROS Edition: Advertising and Public Relations Major Annie Busarello

Today, we speak with Annie Busarello, a junior advertising and public relations double major from Audubon, NJ, who resides in a new on campus apartment, 223 High Street. Annie will give us insight on her career as being a member of Rowan PROS and will share her #PROFspective with us on what it’s like to be a Rowan University student and how she’s getting the most out of her college experience as a Rowan Prof.Annie wears a Rowan Proud tshirt in front of pink hydrangea plants

Name: Annie Busarello
Major: Advertising and Public Relations within the College of Communication & Creative Arts
Year: Junior

Hometown and County: Audubon, NJ (Camden County)

On Campus Resident: Yes – 223 High (new apartment building on campus kind of like 220)

Athletic Clubs: I occasionally do Rec Center leagues the school offers when I have free time

Academic clubs: Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

Social clubs: Student University Programmers (SUP)– Director of Social Activities & Student Alumni Association (SAA)

Do you work on campus? Peer Referral Orientation Leader (PROS) & Front Desk Worker for the Office of Social Activities (OSA)

Why did you choose your major? For advertising, I always found myself analyzing commercials on TV since I was little and this major allows me to do research on interesting campaigns while also letting me show my creative side when creating new hypothetical ads for companies. For public relations, I actually stumbled into it because so many advertising majors in my courses were double majors with PR. After looking into the career options for it, I discovered that this major allows me to do something I’ve always wanted to do, which is help people who really need it. I would like to work for a non-profit.

One reason why you chose Rowan? I originally didn’t want to come to Rowan because both my parents, my sister, and a good number of my extended family went to Rowan and I wanted to make my own path. When I attended Rowan though, it was as if it was a brand new place compared to when my family went there because new buildings and organizations are being made every year. I really enjoy how close to home it is, all of the different clubs and organizations they offer, and how there is always something to do on campus if you’re willing to go out and find it.Annie sitting on bench in Bunce holding a pencil and notebookBeing a member of Rowan PROS: When I first came to Rowan, the PROS made me feel welcome to a new phase in my life that I wasn’t sure I was ready for. My PROS leader soon became a very close friend of mine, and after realizing that someone could make me feel welcomed into a new situation that initially petrified me, I wanted to pass on the favor. The PROS are the most amazing, energetic group of people I’ve ever met and I’m excited to spend my summer learning from the returning members and growingAnnie smiling in the grass on Bunce Green with the new ones.

This summer I would like to inspire incoming freshman and transfers as the PROS before have inspired me. I would like to think of myself as an energetic and outgoing person, so this feels like the position I was cut out to do.

Being a public relations major, I’ve learned betters ways to communicate with people to benefit both parties. Taking classes outside of my majors such as human ecology and various courses on psychology has also opened me up to various talking points and topics of conversation I can use when connecting with new students coming into Rowan for the first time. Specifically, I took a Communication Theory course this past semester which has proved to be very helpful in identifying problems and discovering solutions.

Through working with different organizations both on and off campus, I have become more confident in who I am. I have become more outgoing and comfortable with myself by joining organizations filled with people that I genuinely enjoy the company of.smiling outside of Memorial holding onto a tree branch

I have always worked best under pressure, so as of the fall semester I will be taking six courses along with work and other commitments to various organizations. School always comes first to me, because that is the reason I am here, so I schedule my classes first with time to get between them and then work hours around that. I like having courses and work in blocks that are similar each day, so then when a certain time hits, I am officially done for the day with both my classes and work. Then I’ll head back to my apartment and eat, relax, and hang out with friends.

For PROS this summer, I am living in Edgewood Park Apartments with my co-workers, who have quickly become family to me. On the weekends I’ll be heading to North Wildwood to spend some time with my actual family.

As mentioned before, this upcoming semester I will be taking on a busier schedule, so I’m challenging myself this summer to exercise more and learn how to cook in order to meal prep for my long days. Falling into a habit before school starts is really beneficial so then taking care of yourself doesn’t take a backseat to your social life when the semester starts.holding hand made PROS sign "I don't know about you but I'm in group 22"

In my first two years at Rowan, I have acquired more t-shirts than I ever have planned on owning, so I am making an attempt this summer to learn how to make a t-shirt quilt.

Story organized by:
Vanessa Vause, junior public relations major and advertising minor
Annie Busarello, junior advertising and public relations major

Photography by:
Vanessa Vause, junior public relations major and advertising minor

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