20 Minute Radius: It’s Always Fun in Philadelphia

philadelphia commuter

They say that variety is the spice of life, and although there’s plenty to do on Rowan’s campus it never hurts to get a change of scenery in. Fortunately, in addition to hphiladelphia street signaving the option of enjoying a vibrant local scene, Rowan students also have the luxury of being close to Philadelphia. I commute to Rowan from Philly and I’ve gotta say, the drive’s a piece of cake. Despite the accessibility though I’m always surprised by how many students I talk to who didn’t grow up in South Jersey that haven’t ever gotten around to really experiencing what the city has to offer. I feel like a big part of that is because it doesn’t always occur to people how easily such an adventure could be incorporated into their schedule. But fear not though, it really is easy!

Let’s say you decide you’re up for the journey. What next? Lucky for you there’s no shortage of options as far as what you cfood and Philadelphia restarurantan do once you make it to the city. I know for me an adventure isn’t an adventure if there isn’t a culinary element involved. I feel like I must wind up at a different Mexican restaurant at least twice a week and the moral of that story is that I just go where the wind takes me. Make plans to not make plans. Walk around and see what speaks to you. There’s restaurants, there’s art, there’s history and most importantly there’s adventure to be had. So if you think you might be in the mood for something different then I encourage you to round up a likeminded posse, head to Philly, and then see where the day takes you. Maybe we’ll even cross paths, and If we do, I swear I’ll say hi. (Be sure to wear a Rowan shirt so I know it’s you!) 

Story by: Matt Glace, Haddon Township, NJ (Camden County)
senior, public relations major