Celebrate #NationalEatOutsideDay by Grubbin’ in the Grass

town sqaure of glassboro outdoors
Grassy hills of the Town Square

Saying goodbye to the beach, the pool, and the fun summer days may be hard, but one thing that keeps me going is thinking about the next season creeping up on us. Before we know it, fall will be falling into our laps and boy, am I excited for that gift. The holidays, the bonfires, the hoodies, the food. Fall gives me so much to look forward to but most importantly, let’s talk eats!

What better way to celebrate what Rowan has to offer than embracing our surroundings around us on #NationalEatOutsideDay? There is nothing that excites me more than sitting around a fire eating smores while listening to music and Glassboro’s Town Square provides just that.

fire pit outdoors at town squareThis new addition to the town lies where the Boulevard meets Downtown Glassboro and is the home to our community, providing a gathering place for the town citizens and Rowan students. The pedestrian-friendly street and walkways provide the ideal atmosphere for students enjoying a day outside.

guys sitting at student center patio

“Open green space is such an important component of any successful, well-rounded, livable community,” says Joe Brigandi, Borough of Glassboro admin.

The grassy hills are inviting to enjoy your food outside. Whether it be a picnic on the ground or a lunch sitting at the tables, the Town Square has the perfect space to eat in nature, soaking up the sun or enjoying the cool fall breeze. For a better look at the space, click here to watch a video on the Town Square.

business building outdoors
Outdoor seating at the business building

So get your friends, get some Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries or a sub from Tony Lukes and enjoy that grub in the grass. Or, if you’re located on the opposite side of campus around Town Houses, hit up the Student Center for food from my favorites, Rogo or Grill Nation, and enjoy your meal at the Student Center Patio outside right next to the library. For a full calendar of special food events occurring starting today, click here.

There’s so many new locations to celebrate #NationalEatOutsideDay at Rowan. I find it more appealing to even study outside too. The Henry M. Rowan Engineering Building and Rohrer Business Building provide beautiful outdoor spaces to study and eat. However, the most appealing and popular place to spend time outside at Rowan University would have to be the Bunce Green. The beautiful flowers and wide open land will have you thinking you’re away on a vacation, or as I like to call it, a “Ro”cation, when I retreat from my classrooms and enjoy the scenic views Rowan provides.

Bunce Hall green
Bunce Green. Photo credits: NJ.com

Grab a prof, grab a bite, and head outside! You may even catch a glimpse of our owl mascot, Whoo RU. Read all about him here.

Story organized and photography by:
Vanessa Vause, junior public relations major and advertising minor