Insider’s Look at Rowan Bucks

Rowan Blvd/Whitney Center

When attending Rowan University you receive a standard student ID card called RowanCard, which you can use to get food from the Student Center Marketplace, use Rowan’s various printers, and access certain doors around campus.

Students eat at Playa Bowls on Rowan Boulevard.

However, something that you might not know about your student ID is that it doubles as a pre-loaded debit card for several locations around Glassboro, NJ.

Sean Scott, a sophomore finance major from Mount Laurel, has had personal experiences using his Rowan Bucks at restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Sean says Rowan Bucks are just as easy to use as debit cards.

The Rowan Bucks feature allows easy planning when wanting to go out with friends; you don’t need to remember if you have any cash with you. Also, if you have early morning classes that extend into the afternoon and forget to bring a snack you even have the option to use your Rowan Bucks at ROGO, Rowan’s personal convenience store located in the Student Center.

This is something Sean is very familiar with. Sean is highly active during the semesters teaching a 7 a.m. spin class in the Rec Center. “It’s so convenient to grab a soda or a Pop Tart during the 15 minutes I have to go from the Rec Center to my actual 8 a.m. classes,” Sean explains.colorful assortment of fruits and vegetables

There are many more locations around Glassboro where you can easily purchase things from groceries to toiletries. Sean will live in an off campus townhouse in Glassboro this year and plans to go to ShopRite, pick up groceries to make a home-cooked meal, and pay for it with his Rowan Bucks. No hassle necessary!

Story by: Alexander Belli
Senior double major, advertising and public relations