20 Minute Radius: Down the River We Go

River with trees on the riverbank and blue sky with smooth white clouds

Being active and energetic is an important aspect to living life, and what better way to enjoy life than going kayaking. Here at Rowan University in South Jersey you have several choices for your day excursion including: Al & Sam’s Canoe Boat & Kayak (Newfield, Gloucester County, NJ), Pinelands Adventures (Shamong, Burlington County, NJ), and Mick’s Pine Barrens Canoe and Kayak Rental (Chatsworth, Burlington, NJ).

Orange kayak on beach/river front with trees and river in background
Our kayak sits on the bank of the Wading River

I had the pleasure to go on a 5-hour kayak trip through Mick’s Canoe and Kayak Rentals in Chatsworth. They also offer a 3-hour long trip, however, my friend and I were feeling adventurous and wanted to spend as much time on the river. That allowed us to enjoy the sights that the Wading River had to offer. Of course, we didn’t realize just how long and how tiring 5 hours of paddling can be on theCooler full of water and food body, and there were definitely moments we allowed the momentum of the river to push us along. Fortunately for us we packed some delicious hoagies from the local convenience store, Wawa, to re-energize us for the second half of the journey. It was also nice to enjoy the food on a sand beach while soaking up the sun’s rays.

It was a good thing that we got to enjoy the sun when we did, because little did we know that a storm was rolling in that would drop loads of rain accompanied by flashes of lightning and loud claps of thunderRowan student stands outside in rain after kayaking. It was completely unexpected for us to get caught in a freak rain storm, but it turned out to be a moment in life you just except and begin laughing and loving every second of. My friend and I got so soaked that we could have submerged ourselves in the river and it wouldn’t have felt any different than being in the rain.

We were also very glad we decided to bring our waterproof cooler along, too. It certainly helped to keep our personal belongings safe and dry. It ended becoming one of the stories I’ll have to look back to and always be able to laugh at. So, whether you get the chance to enjoy a calm journey listening to music or sightseeing while kayaking or getting soaked in the middle of a monsoon, you’ll definitely have an enjoyable time while making some great memories.

Story by: Alexander Belli, senior
Double major, advertising and public relations