What Can Student Affairs Do For You?

Senior Vice President Jeff Hand sits on a bench with the Rowan mascot giving a thumbs up

You want to find a school – one you’ll actually like – one you can afford. You do a little research. You take the tour. You learn about its history and its campus; you visit the dorms, the cafeteria and the gym – all very important. Then, you leave.

Now, a few months later, it’s decision time, but what do you really know about that university? Do you know enough about its admissions process and financial aid? Do you know enough about your professors, your schedule or your major? What about daily student life?student works in rec center

We at Rowan University know questions like these weigh heavily on your choice of higher education. So, to answer these very questions, we created the University’s official blog for the Division of Student Affairs, which encompasses Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) and Student Life, both led by senior vice president Dr. Jeffrey Hand.

We recognize that our students’ success is dependent on recruiting the right students and supporting them throughout their academic career, so that they graduate – and graduate on time. These areas of focus are Strategic Enrollment Management. Under the guidance of Dr. Hand, our SEM departments – from Admissions, Financial Aid, Advising and more – are dedicated solely to building the foundation of academic success for Rowan students.  

student at meet the brothersStudent Life, on the other hand, supports students through their personal growth – focusing on encouraging healthy life choices, multicultural competency, campus and community involvement, civic responsibility and leadership development.

In this blog, both students and staff at Rowan will give you an honest accounting of anything and everything you want to know about the University.

We’ll help to demystify the financial aid, admissions and scholarship process. We’ll show you where to start, what to fill out and when to submit. We’ll answer questions like: What will my major or my College be like? How can I lessen my student debt before I graduate? What is it really like to live on campus? Will I really have a full “college experience” if I’m a commuter?

student in rec centerWe’ll help you investigate your major by interviewing real students in your field. We’ll showcase new technology and leadership opportunities available to you on campus. We’ll even throw in some shameless plugs about all of Rowan’s incredible achievements, so you know that this is, in fact, an official University blog.

Most importantly, we’ll answer your questions about the day-to-day life of Rowan students. Questions like, where can I eat? Where can I park? How do I find cheap textbooks? Where can I eat? What clubs and sports can I join? Oh and, where can I eat?Rowan Owl poses with girl on stils

We’ll cover all of this and more over the coming days, weeks and months because we want you to join the Rowan family and succeed here.

Have a question we didn’t answer? We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, or direct you to the right University resources. Feel free to contact us at ourvoice@rowan.edu.

By: Tom Logue