Inside Look: 5 Reasons Brinsley Loves Living in Magnolia Hall

Living at Rowan University is something incoming resident students look forward to. It’s  an exciting time to grow and learn about living away from home. For many, this is the first opportunity to live independently without any family close by. It’s the first stepping stone into adulthood. Brinsley Granatella, freshman chemistry education major from Egg Harbor Township in Atlantic County, feels confident living on her own because she lives happily in Magnolia Hall.

Here’s five reasons why she loves Magnolia:

Brinsley, proud to live in Magnolia!
  1. Proximity to classes

“I love being able to wake up and walk to all of my classes. Since most of my classes are in James Hall, I do like being able to leave for class and not feel like I’m rushing.”

  1. Being in vicinity to main campus

“I love attending different events on campus, especially events in the Student Center.  I’m not right next to it but, I’m close enough that when I want to be there, I can be.”

  1. Conveniently located to do laundry

“Access to laundry is very convenient. When I need to do it, I don’t have to go very far, which is wonderful.”

  1. Beautiful Views 360° Around the Building

    Rowan gazebo located outside Magnolia

“I love being out to look out the window and see what’s happening in the gazebo. But if you sit in the courtyard, you can see the lake and water tower. And if you look on the other side, you can see the intramural field and building on campus. Magnolia offers a lot to look at, which is awesome!”

  1. Communal bathrooms

“When I first moved in, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the bathroom set-up. But after staying in Holly Pointe Commons for orientation and comparing the bathrooms I have now, I really like the bathrooms in Magnolia. The bathrooms are always clean and are more comfortable to me.” (The bathrooms in Magnolia are smaller and available only to those within your suite, compared to Holly Pointe where the bathrooms are situated in the hallways and open to anyone who needs them.)

Birdseye view of the Magnolia sign

Magnolia Hall, part of the Colonial Area (Willow, Magnolia, Chestnut, Mimosa Hall), offers approximately 200 freshmen residents the opportunity to build lasting connections in their first year at Rowan. Constructed in 1984, residents are located conveniently close to Edgewood Park Apartments, Chestnut Hall, Willow Hall, Gazebo Area, Beach Volleyball Court & Basketball Courts, Intramural Field, Mimosa Hall, Rec Center, Student Center, and Campbell Library. With a courtyard featuring benches and bicycle racks, residents can enjoy a beautiful day on campus outside.

The building itself is arranged in suites, assigned by gender. Each suite has four to six bedrooms, a common bathroom, and a small lounge.  Magnolia residents, like Brinsley, continue to make lasting memories over the year enjoying all the time they spend in their favorite residence hall. For more information, go to Residential Learning & University Housing to find out all housing options available and different features, including further explanation of Magnolia Hall.

Magnolia Hall!

By: Hope Holroyd
Senior triple major: Public Relations, Advertising, American Studies

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