Inside Look, Evergreen Hall: Scenic Studying

Some of the plants and foliage around the front of Evergreen Hall.

Ask any Evergreen Hall resident what their favorite part of their building is, and the view is probably in the top 3. No matter which side of the building you’re on, your dorm or study room will have a view of the many trees Rowan’s campus is known for. “It’s going to look really cool when the leaves change colors,” says Justin Tavares, a law and justice major and Evergreen resident from Mountainside, New Jersey. “I’m excited for that.”

“The study rooms in Evergreen are really nice,” adds John Martinez, another law and justice major from Roxbury, New Jersey. “I actually live in Mimosa, not Evergreen, but I’m here all the time because a lot of my friends live here.” John and Justin met in their Statistics I class and bonded over their shared confusion about the material. Since neither of them are skilled mathematicians, they decided to study together weekly before class.

Both John and Justin agree that the Evergreen study rooms are an often-forgotten place on campus. Evergreen houses roughly 250 students, as opposed to the potentially thousands of students who have access to the Campbell Library. So the library is definitely a more popular study destination, but what happens when it’s full?

John Martinez (left) and Justin Tavares (right) study in one of Evergreen Hall's study rooms.
John Martinez (left) and Justin Tavares (right) study in one of Evergreen Hall’s study rooms.

“We used to meet in the library, but all of the study rooms were booked last time. We were trying to figure out where we could go that would be quiet enough for us to study,” Justin explained. “John’s best friend lives in the room next to this study room, so he actually suggested it. Now we come here every week.”

Evergreen is set up in two wings, with each wing having three floors. Each floor has two study rooms, for a grand total of 12 study rooms. It’s convenient for Evergreen residents, or just anyone who is closer to the dorm than they are to the library. Some of the rooms were even recently renovated to feature whiteboards on the walls, just like the study rooms students can reserve in the library. “I still like studying in the library, but sometimes it’s more convenient to just walk down the hall,” says Justin.

“And there’s no reservation system, so we can study whenever is convenient for us,” adds John. “Since I don’t live in Evergreen, it’s nice that we have the option of studying in here whenever I happen to be around.” Overall, both students said this will be their primary study spot for the remainder of the year. Though neither are skilled mathematicians, John and Justin both agree that the reasons to study in Evergreen just keep adding up.

Story by Kayla Arias,
Senior public relations and advertising major

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