Inside Look, Chestnut Hall: Door Decs and Good Friends

brick exterior and white columns of Chestnut, with brown and yellow flags

One of the first images that probably comes to mind when students think of Rowan is the scenic outside of Chestnut Hall. With its elegant columns and vibrant brick walls, it is definitely a place on campus to admire. But what makes it even more special are the residents that live there.

Sophomore Laura Colandrea shows off one of the many bulletin boards she has made to decorate Chestnut Hall, where she is an RA.

Sophomore Laura Colandrea, a psychology major from Ocean County, loves the atmosphere that her residence hall has to offer. As an RA, she says that “my job is great because I am so close with all of the other RAs in the building. We’re a really tight-knit group, and we make sure that everyone feels welcome here.” She notes that her fellow resident assistants can often be found hanging out in the main lounge on the first floor, laughing and Snapchatting with each other and the residents that wander in and out.

paper snowflake decorations on the door of residents in Chestnut Hall.
The doors of residents are decorated for the holidays, spreading cheer through Chestnut!

“Sometimes when I need fresh air I come outside and sit in the little garden out front or stand by the lake. It’s really peaceful out here, and it looks even prettier in the fall when the leaves are all changing,” Laura says. Also located nearby is a gazebo where students (including her residents and friends) gather under the lights in the evenings, Magnolia and Willow Halls and a basketball court and sand volleyball court. There’s plenty of sights to enjoy around Chestnut Hall, which many students affectionately nickname “The Nut.”

The halls are also decorated with posters, bulletin boards and fliers, making it feel cheery. “Two of my residents always decorate their door for every holiday, and I love walking past it and seeing it bring more life into the hallway,” Laura says.

Two sophomore students stand proudly in front of Chestnut Hall.
Jailene Hernandez and Carlos Quinones, both sophomores, smile outside of Chestnut on the way to class. Their favorite part about Chestnut is its construction. “The building just looks so impressive, especially with the columns and banners,” they agree.

“Living in smaller hallways like they have in Chestnut makes everyone a lot closer. Everyone is a familiar face,” Laura adds. “And being an RA this year gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, who I’m lucky enough to live with!” The residents of Chestnut Hall prove that the architecture of the building isn’t the only part about it that’s grand.

By: Nicole Cier,
Sophomore, writing arts major

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