Welcome Back! How to Spend Your First Week of Spring Semester the Right Way

Rowan University sign on turf field outside Rec Center

Well Rowan students, it is time to get back into the groove of things. Hopefully you’re well rested from the long (yet so short) winter break, and ready to dive head first into that daily routine of classes, work, hanging with college friends and enjoying all Rowan has to offer.

Getting back on schedule is hard for some, but have no fear because Rowan provides many activities and entertainment to ease your way back into the college lifestyle. Take a look at this list to see what’s happening on campus!

1. Movie Night

Student University Programmers will play Daddy’s Home 2 tonight at 9:15 in the Student Center Ballroom. Free admission, food and raffles will be provided with a Rowan ID. What better way to relax after your first day of classes with a new movie and popcorn?

2. Free Fitness Classes This Week

Syllabus week may often be a breeze, but buying books, getting organized and planning out your semester may leave you stressed and anxious. One of the best ways I relieve my stress is through exercising. Lucky for us, the Rec Center and Fitness Center are offering all of their classes free this week. Take advantage of this, you may just find a new passion.

Rowan University Fitness Schedule for group classes

3. Tutoring Center

We’ve just started our classes and you probably do not need any tutoring yet, however, when that time comes, Rowan offers tutoring sessions at the Tutoring Center in a safe and comfortable environment. Use this tip to take advantage of the help when the time comes. Tutees have said, “Making appointments is super easy and the tutors are good at explaining any material that I had trouble with in class.”

4. Stunited App 

Created by senior finance major John Rondi, this free app provides an easy way for you to link up with other students on campus to collaborate, study, and learn from one another on different subjects. This will come in handy late nights when you are cramming for a test and the Tutoring Center isn’t open. Check out how our business students are utilizing their skills from Rowan and integrating their knowledge into the real world. #studentshelpingstudents

Rowan University cafe in the Student Center

5. Expanding Your Food Options

Whether you’re a transfer student this semester, or returning from winter break, take a look back at this Rowan Blog article including all of the places to eat on campus and how to use your Boro Bucks and Dining Dollars to the max. Add a little excitement to your eating habits this spring by switching it up and trying new places.

Whether your adjusting back into college with a cup of coffee at Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles, or going to RAH events on the weekends with friends, my suggestion to you this semester is to get involved, meet new people and read Rowan Daily Mail to see everything we have to offer here at Rowan. Good luck with classes and welcome back.

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Story by:
Vanessa Vause, junior public relations major and advertising minor