Inside Look at Campbell Library: Beyond the Books

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Like most students, I often find myself facing the challenge of killing time in between classes. As a commuter, I lack the luxury of trekking back to my dorm and squeezing in the next episode of Stranger Things. I discovered the wonders of Campbell Library and since then I habitually find myself there every day.

Outisde the Campbell Library at Rowan

Located next to Savitz Hall, Campbell Library provides a peaceful haven for all students including the procrastinators, the tired, and the let’s-bang-out-this-essay-go-getters. The three story library provides a lounge on the main floor. A row of plush loveseats align the windows. Its occupant usually seats a student scrolling through Twitter, watching Netflix, or even indulging in a mini nap session before class. Adjacent to the chairs are tables each equipped with floor outlets with students taking notes, on their laptops, or reading. The atmosphere is relaxed as low volume conversations float around. There is even a charging station for cell phones. I am glad the library knows there is nothing worse than being stuck on campus with a dead cellphone because how else are you going to Snapchat.

Inside Campbell Library at Rowan

Across from the lounge are two double doors leading to the silent study zone. Inside are individual wooden cubicles allowing students privacy while working on an assignment or reading. From personal experience, having complete silence allows me to stay focus while writing a paper so I always claim a spot whenever I have an essay due. When your brain starts to slow down as hunger begins creeping in, vending machines are conveniently located in the area too.

The second level houses the library’s computers and provides access to two printers. Behind each computer screen is either a student registering for class, checking Blackboard, or doing homework. Four group study rooms are located upstairs where students can meet. Each room houses a table and television to display presentations. Perfect for meeting up with classmates to study for a test or collaborate with team members on a project.

inside study room at Campbell Library at Rowan For the moment of panic when you realize you forgot to staple that five page paper, the library supplies multiple staplers throughout the upper and lower level. Campbell Library offers so much more than just books. It provides a place for students to escape the sometimes stressful and overwhelming life of a college student. It’s also the perfect place to stay motivated and focused to finish out the semester strong!

Story and photos by:
Kayleigh Alexander, Westampton, NJ
Double major, public relations and advertising

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