#PROFspective: Elementary Education & Liberal Studies Major Destiny Shoultz

Rowan student Destiny sitting outside of Chamberlin student center at Rowan University

Today, we speak with Destiny Shoultz, a senior elementary education and liberal studies major from Pine Hill (Camden County), NJ, who commutes from home. Destiny will share her #PROFspective with us on what it’s like to be a Rowan University student and how she’s getting the most out of her college experience as a Rowan Prof.

elementary education and liberal studies rowan major Destiny outside Student CenterName: Destiny Shoultz
Majors: Elementary Education and Liberal Studies
Minors: Writing Arts and American Studies
Year: Senior
Hometown and County: Pine Hill, NJ (Camden County)
Commuter: Yes, from home
Social Clubs: Elementary Education Club
Do you have an off-campus job? I work at Bath and Body Works in the Deptford Mall.

Why did you chose your major? I chose my major because ever since I can remember, I wanted to become a teacher. I remember playing “school” with my cousin and never wanted to switch roles. I just HAD to be the teacher! Also, my father and both grandparents are teachers, so it initially may be in my blood stream!

elementary education major Destiny in #ROWANproud shirt outside James Hall at Rowan UniversityOne reason why you chose Rowan? Rowan University has a great education program and I wanted to make sure I got the best knowledge I could receive. I’ve always heard outstanding things about Rowan University and their programs for undergrads who wanted to become a teacher. Also, I wanted to stay at home to help my mother out with finances and Rowan wasn’t far from home. It was the best decision I could have made, attending Rowan University!

My typical day as a Rowan student:

Rowan student Destiny outside Robinson circle on bridge in front of Wilson Hall My typical day as a Rowan student varies, yet the busyness does not leave my side. I have class every day of the week, there is no time to waste. On Monday nights and Wednesday nights, I work at Bath and Body Works in the Deptford Mall, therefore those days are my busiest because I go from class, straight into traffic, which leads me to work.

On Tuesdays, I have one 8 am, but that is only until 9:40. Most Tuesdays I do not work, so I usually drive back home, a 35- minute commute, and rest. After sleeping, the remainder of the day is mine. I typically run my errands on Tuesdays. These include grabbing groceries, walking my dog, shopping and paying bills.Rowan student Destiny in #ROWANproud teeshirt inside education building James Hall

On Thursdays, I visit Radix Elementary School to see my first grade students for my practicum, since I want to become an elementary education teacher in the near future. This is from 8 am until 4 pm. Afterwards, I run back to Rowan because I have class at 6:30. I get there pretty early, around 4:30/5:00, which is perfect because I use this as homework time for myself. I go into Campbell Library, on the second floor, to focus on my studies.

Rowan student Destiny reading newspaper The Whit inside James Hall On Fridays, I have class from 9:30 in the morning until 12 in the afternoon. As soon as class is over, I have work from 1 pm until 9 at night. On the weekends I work. There is never a Saturday or Sunday that I have off unless I request off for a special occasion. All in all, my life consists of working and focusing on my schoolwork. I have a busy work and school load, but I still manage to get it all done to soon become a successful graduate from Rowan University.

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Story organized and photography by:
Vanessa Vause, junior public relations major and advertising minor