Small Town Pennsylvania Transfer Feels at Home at Rowan University

Molly, a transfer student, standing in a gazebo near Bunce.

After having an awful freshman year, I decided to transfer to a different college. I completely changed my major from dental hygiene to public relations and began searching from there. While choosing which college to transfer to, I made a list of things to consider since I know what I didn’t Molly sitting in a black chair near from my previous school. Being from a small town in Pennsylvania, I knew I wanted to go further away from home but not anywhere drastic. I knew I wanted a decent-sized school, not too big or too small. Lastly, I wanted it to feel like my second home instead of school.

As I was looking around the Philadelphia area, Rowan University came up as an option. I saw that Rowan had an amazing public relations program so I went to tour the campus, as well as other campuses I was considering.
While touring, I came to fall in love with Rowan’s campus and what it had to offer. I loved the housing, while my mom loved all the food options for me around campus.

What really got my full attention was Rowan’s highly regarded programs including reputable professors and clubs. After visiting about four more schools, I kept comparing them to Rowan. My parents and I knew Rowan was the right choice for me.

Molly standing with a group of friends from Alpha Sigma Alpha.
Molly and her friends in Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Since transferring to Rowan, I now double major in public relations and advertising as well as minor in journalism. I make the Dean’s List every semester, joined three clubs that correspond with my majors, joined a sorority (Alpha Sigma Alpha) and even got a summer internship through the university. This may seem like a lot to handle with classes, but everyone at Rowan is so involved no matter what their major and it makes you want to do more, too. Rowan does not only push me to prosper, it makes it easy for me to do so.

I love when my parents come to visit me because I get to show them where I live and what I do every day. They love seeing me thrive socially and academically and wouldn’t want to see me at any other college, despite the distance and out of state tuition.
I constantly say “I wish I would have went to Rowan for all four years,” but I don’t think I would have truly appreciated the experience Rowan has given me and still gives me. As scary and lonely as transferring might sound at first, Rowan became my second home in no time. Rowan was everything I was looking for plus more!

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Story by:
Molly Purcell, senior
Double Major Public Relations and Advertising