Freshmen Dorm Survival Kit

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A college of rowan university students inside their residence halls.Your first year will be a breeze when you’ve got these items in your dorm…

  1. Quarters! When the card slot isn’t working for laundry, that 25 cents will save your life, trust me.
  2. Shower Caddy. Keeping your shampoo, conditioner and soap all together when traveling from the bathroom to bedroom is key. Nothing’s worse than getting into the shower and not having what you need. Don’t forget shower shoes.
  3. Fan. You’re on the move, keep the fresh air circulating. Not to mention, it’s a great way to block out noises when you’re trying to fall asleep. Fans are a must in college dorms.
  4. Emergen-C and Daily Vitamins. It’s a new environment, a brand new lifestyle. Stay on top of your health and prevent yourself from getting sick!Emergen-c Vitamin tablets!
  5. Surplus of Snacks and School Supplies. I’m tellin’ ya, grabbing a pencil and a granola bar will be a daily ritual. Make sure you’re stacked up on both.
  6. Planner. Write everything down! From assignment due dates to events on campus, you don’t want to miss out!
  7. Extra Sheets. Stay feeling fresh and clean by changing out your sheets every two weeks.
  8. Ethernet Cable. With everyone sharing the wifi, it tends to slow down. Keep your connection up and running fast with an ethernet cable plugged in. No more lagging when you’re typing up your paper.
  9. Air Fresheners. Smelly room = bad day. Have a pleasant aroma, always.
  10. Extra Lamp. Stay away from a dreary environment and be productive in a brightly lit room.
  11. Grocery Bags (x100). Easiest way of dumping out your trashcan is by tying up your grocery bag and tossing it out. Plan ahead and save many extra trips to the store!

Cross off this checklist and you’ve got yourself a great start to freshmen year. See you soon, Profs!


Story by:
Vanessa Vause, senior double major, advertising and public relations

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