#PROFspective: Public Relations Major Jasmine Taylor

Jasmine Taylor stands behind the business building on the bridge

Today, we speak with Jasmine Taylor, a junior public relations major from Sicklerville, NJ,(Camden County) who commutes from home. Jasmine will share her #PROFspective with us on what it’s like to be a Rowan University student and how she gets the most out of her college experience as a Rowan Prof.

Name: Jasmine Taylor  Jasmine posing in front of the Prof statue outside of Robinson Hall at Rowan University.
Major: Public Relations within the College of Communication and Creative Arts
Minors: Entrepreneurship & Psychology
Year: Junior
Hometown and County: Sicklerville, NJ (Camden County)
Commuter: Yes, commuting from home!
Academic clubs: PRaction (Student-run public relations firm)
Social clubs: President of the Black Cultural League
Job off-campus: Yes, I work at Gap Factory and Source4Teachers

Share an “a ha!” moment you’ve had within your major that made you feel passionate about your intended field. I felt the “a ha” moment in my major and minor. I want to be a business owner and/or publicist after graduating, so public relations goes hand-in-hand with branding. During my entrepreneurship course, I attended different events. One event I went to addressed successful women in business. We watched a documentary about how each woman created a brand for herself in order to “make it.” That’s when I realized I’m studying the perfect combo for the field I want to go in. Public relations allows me to help other agencies and myself.

Jasmine sitting in front of Savitz Hall at Rowan University.Describe an experience you’ve shared with a professor in which you felt like you were working with a visionary in your field. Professor Cristin Farney always gives insightful lectures and understanding of the public relations (PR) field. When reviewing different aspects and applications of PR, I immediately felt relieved about being a PR major. She’s so passionate about public relations and gives students genuine advice. I would certainly describe her as a visionary for this field.

Describe an on-campus experience in which you felt that your future goals are supported. I attended the “Beauty & Brains=Boss” event, which focused on building your business & brand. Hosted by a fashion mogul and entrepreneur, Malika is the co-owner of The Para Girls, a clothing line, & Make Me Over Malika, a stylist company. Malika shared the ins and outs of her business history and students asked her questions. She was extremely personable when I asked her about owning a business and building a brand – she made me feel like I could be like her one day. Malika is an admirable business woman and I enjoyed the feeling of someone understanding what I want to do one day.Jasmine leaning on the bridge connecting the business building to the engineering building.

Why did you choose Rowan? I chose Rowan because during my high school career, I felt it was the best fit for me – I feel in some ways Rowan chose me. Rowan is close to home and being apart of the ASCEND program solidified my decision.

On your busiest day, what academic, non-academic and social responsibilities are you juggling? Typically on my busiest day I’m juggling a lot, which books up my day. I’m a bus-aid in the morning, go to my work-study in the Entrepreneurship Management office, and head straight to class until 4:45. After that, I usually finish my homework if I don’t have any club or academic meetings.

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Story and photography by:
Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major