Why “Rushing” Admissions was my Best Decision at Rowan

Grace gives new students a tour of Rowan starting with the Henry Rowan Statue

A portrait of Grace outside Savitz HallBy the beginning of second semester of my freshman year, I was coming to the reality that I needed a job for the next school year. As any college student will tell you, college life is expensive. My bank accounts were draining quickly; so, I started looking on ProfLink for on-campus jobs that were hiring for my sophomore year. I applied to be an Admissions Ambassador on campus, and the job is not what I expected at all. This is why choosing to “rush” admissions was the best decision I have made at Rowan University so far. (“Rush” are the weeks when young women check out sororities to join – but joining Admissions is more than a job to me, it’s family!)

While applying for the job I obviously understood that being an Admissions Ambassador meant giving tours to prospective students, but I had no idea it was so much more than that. Being an ambassador has given me this elevated level of leadership on campus that I didn’t have before. Now, whenever I’m wearing our apparel, which is a really awesome perk I might add, I represent Rowan University in a more official capacity than I do just wearing a typical Rowan sweatshirt.

Grace stands outside the office of admissions

Behind the office doors is a sense of community and belonging that I never saw coming. The first time I met the majority of the other ambassadors, whether they were veterans or also new hires, I immediately felt welcome. Making conversation came naturally since we all have outgoing personalities. We all consider each other a family, and that is not easy to say about a lot of work environments. The people that I work with in Admissions are some of the best people I have met at Rowan so far.

Of course, being an admissions ambassador does involve giving tours to students who are thinking about coming to Rowan. To me, the best part of the job is that I am helping influence a student’s decision to come here. I get to talk for an hour and a half each tour about why Rowan is so great, why Rowan is so up-and-coming, and why I love Rowan. Personally, having a job where I get to boast about my school is one of the easiest and best jobs I could have chosen. I highly encourage everyone to rush admissions so they can find their people, too.

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Story by: Grace Coulthurst, sophomore dual major public relations and advertising,
from Succasunna, NJ (Morris County)