#PROFspective: Supply Chain Management and Logistics Major Rachel Breuninger

Rachel outside business building with silver sign in background saying Rohrer College of Business

Today, we speak with Rachel Breuninger, a senior supply chain management and logistics major who lives off campus in a rented house. Rachel will share her #PROFspective with us on what it’s like to be a Rowan University student and how she got the most out of her college experience as a Rowan Prof.

Name: Rachel BreuningerRachel inside in front of business building backdrop sign
Major: Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Year: Senior
Transfer Student: I transferred to Rowan from a university in Pennsylvania after my freshman year.
Hometown and County: Sparta, N.J. (Sussex County)
On Campus Resident:  House off campus

Academic clubs: Member of APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society), AMA (American Marketing Association)
Athletic clubs:  I played varsity softball at Rowan for my sophomore and junior year (I stopped playing this year to get a job)
Social clubs: I was a member of OWL Group (Outstanding Women Leaders) when I was a member of the softball team.

Rachel in her #ROWANproud shirt outside at a table at Rohrer College of BusinessDo you work on campus? I am an intern at the Rohrer College of Business Center for Professional Development

Do you have an off-campus job?  Lockheed Martin, Materials Management and Commodity Planning Intern

Why did you choose your major?  I switched my major sophomore year from Accounting to Supply Chain Management and Logistics. I chose this major because I love working with cross functional groups in a corporate environment as well as the numerous organizational and problem solving opportunities it allows you.

Rachel inside business building in front of stock ticker in Rohrer college of BusinessOne reason why you chose Rowan?  I chose Rowan because of the positive environment all of the professors and students uphold as well as the various opportunities the school offers in and out of the classroom.

My typical day as a Rowan student: 

No two days are ever really the same for me here at Rowan. Whether it is working in the Rohrer College of Business Center for Professional Development or working at Lockheed Martin as an intern, my days seem to fly by. I attend classes in the business building Monday through Thursday. Some days I start my day early with a cup of coffee and a long drive to my internship with Lockheed Martin in their Supply Chain department. Here I find myself finally bringing all of my class knowledge to real life work! After I return to campus I head to class in the brand new business building.

Rachel in softball tee sitting on a rock outfront of Business building Other days I start my days in the Center for Professional Development. Depending on the day, I help students with their resumes, finding internships or jobs, and organizing networking events for the business students at Rowan. Later in the day I will usually head over to the students center to grab lunch through Rowan’s new food options! I will usually end my day heading to the new fitness center for a quick workout. When I get back to my house off campus I will usually make dinner and hang out with friends while we all do homework.

Rachel inside sitting on steps inside business building at Rowan

Some days I will head to APICS meetings or group meetings in the business school. On some days I help organize and run different networking events at the Rohrer College of Business. A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to organize MIS and Supply Chain Industry Night for over 15 employers and 75 students. My weekends tend to vary even more than my week days! With two days off I try to make the most of my Saturdays and Sundays. My friends and I try to take day trips on Saturdays whether it is to try new restaurants, to Philly for the day, or shopping at the mall.

Rachel in her work tee outfront the center for professional development room in the business building My Sundays are usually spent doing homework or studying for the upcoming week. I enjoy settling in at a cubby in Starbucks and grabbing a coffee before diving into my work. Rowan has allotted me so many different opportunities whether it be in class, work opportunities, or off campus events. After transferring to Rowan my sophomore year, I couldn’t image spending my four years of college any where else!

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Story & Photography by: Vanessa Vause, senior public relations and advertising major