Student’s Stream Clean-up Supports Future Career Path

Meghin Rollins collecting trash surrounding the Chestnut Hall lake.Environmental studies major Meghin Rollins of Carney’s Point, NJ (Salem County) applies her passion about the environment any way she can. Meghin’s dedication to a clean environment goes far beyond the classroom. She planned and participated in Rowan’s Stream Clean-up, where students and faculty collected garbage from different locations on Rowan’s main campus from the stream that cuts through campus. 

Planning the event allowed Meghin to experience the amount of work it takes to complete projects of that magnitude, create new friendships on campus and feel confirmation that she is in the right field for her. Meghin says, “In my life, I hope to increase the general health of the environment and this was just one step toward my ultimate goal.” 

Meghin and stream clean-up participate collecting trash near the Townhouses.Meghin considers this project a huge success due to the number of people who helped. She appreciates the large turnout and eagerness to clean Rowan’s campus. By the end of the clean up, recycling and trash were relocated to dozens of bags – where they should be. 

This event unified Rowan’s Environmental Health and Safety department, Rowan’s Environmental Action League, GeoClub, and Rowan’s Green Party. The Office of Volunteerism and the EHS department provided supplies to carry out this event, while Professor Patrick Crumrine opened the opportunity to his Stream Ecology students, who collected data for an in-class experiment.

Watching the Rowan community come together for the campus’ general health is a rewarding experience Meghin hopes to see again for another stream clean-up. 


Meghin Rollins posing in front of the Chestnut Hall lake.

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Story and photos by:
Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major