(Weekly) Daily Dish – Healthy Pancakes

Pancakes are great, but healthy pancakes are even better—especially when there’s only two ingredients needed for the recipe.


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 banana


  1. Crack eggs in bowl, break up banana in the same bowl, and mash with a fork.Close up of the cracked eggs and broken banana in a bowl.
  2.  Pour mix into a medium sized pan on a medium heat. Flip after a few minutes or when the bottom is lightly browned.
    Pancake mix being poured into a pan.
    Cooking pancakes.
    I love adding fresh fruit to my pancakes! This time, I chose blueberries.
  3. Once both sides are browned, the pancakes are done!
    Plated pancaked being drizzled with syrup.
    Dust with cinnamon and add syrup for extra flavor!

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    Story and photography by: Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major