5 Things To Do With Your High School Junior

Amanda standing on the Bunce Green with Bunce Hall behind her

Today, we feature advice from Amanda Kuster – not only is she a Rowan University admissions counselor with the Office of Admissions, but she is also a Rowan alumna herself, having graduated from our Communications Studies program within the College of Communication & Creative Arts

5 things you can do with your high school junior to get them ready for College Application Season!

  1.  Visit campuses!

I can’t stress this enough! Visiting multiple campuses is so important when deciding on what school to attend. It’s going to sound a little corny but you and your student will get a feeling when you find that right fit and you may not get that feeling unless you visit a few different campuses.

Students typically ask me how many campus they should visit and my Two students dining in the Student Center Marketplaceresponse is typically 5-8. Try to visit some urban, rural and suburban campuses so you can get a feel for what is the best fit for your student.

Always remember, your student is not only going to school just for the academics. They will be eating in the cafeteria, hanging out in the student center and exploring the town.

  1. Get to know your admission counselor

We are here to help you! Please never hesitate when reaching out to the admissions office at Rowan. Nine times out of ten, your admissions counselor is going to be the person who reviews your application, so that provides you with an opportunity to get all of your questions answered about the admissions process.

We love hearing from our students regardless of your grade in high school!

A student at a career fair talking to an employer

  1.       Attend college fairs

Some high schools host Spring and Fall college fairs and this gives you and your student a great opportunity to start exploring some schools you may have never heard of before or known about. The representatives of the colleges/universities can answer a lot of your basic questions regarding majors, admissions requirements, financial aid, and student life.

  1.       Have a conversation with your students about their interests

Think back to when you were 17. Did you know what you wanted to major in? Let alone a career path? It’s really great to have an open conversation with your student about their interests. This can be a really great place to Four Rowan University Soccer Players Huddled Togetherstart when trying to figure out what schools to visit. For example, if your student is interested in art, start taking a look at art schools, and schools with an art department. Start looking at the portfolio requirements and what the faculty specializes in.

  1.       Stay active in your extracurriculars!

When I review an application, I love seeing what students are involved in! Seeing students manage the rigor of their coursework, work, play a sport, stay involved in clubs and activities is a really great way to see if a student can manage their time well. It also gives me an idea of what type of student they will be at Rowan University!

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