First Year Voices: Arianna Kaila Martins

A drone shot of the intramural soccer field

Meet Arianna, an incoming freshman
law and justice major from Edison, NJ (Middlesex County.)

Arianna in her room wearing a rowan sweater next to large gold "RU" balloons

“I’ve been in love with the campus since 8th grade, it’s so calm, everyone’s social, and I have a few friends that go there too which brings a sense of comfort. My lacrosse coach is a Rowan alumni as well and has nothing but good things to say about the school, which excites me even more. I’ve never stopped loving the campus. I visited the school for the first time in 8th grade with the middle school AVID program and went again this past September and again, never stopped loving it.”

Ariana in her lacrosse uniform on the field.

“I’m most excited about the transition from high school and really starting to focus on my career. It’s a new experience and those are always exciting. As nervous as I am, I know I have great people around me who are always willing to help. I was constantly checking the mail hoping I’d be accepted cause truthfully, this was the only school I genuinely wanted to go to. The rest, although exciting, didn’t matter to me, but don’t tell them that haha!”

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Story by: Jelani James, senior journalism major; Photos courtesy of Arianna Kaila Martins