How to Avoid the Freshmen 15

Several students working out on treadmills in a fitness center

Today we feature advice from Catharine Rybeck, a junior public relations major from Barrington, NJ (Camden County). Catharine shares the lesson she’s learned on how to avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15.”

So many students find themselves struggling to stay healthy while living on campus. We hear over and over again, “Watch those Freshman 15!” We know logically that to avoid them we need to eat healthy and An opened planner with a cup of coffee next to itstay active, but how do we manage to do so while juggling classes and a social life? To begin, it is of the utmost importance to schedule your time and hold yourself accountable. I strongly recommend investing in a planner and sitting down on Sunday nights and taking the time to write out your responsibilities.

When you see what you have to accomplish written out, it is much easier to see what days are best at the gym or on a run. Another great way to stay active is finding a good gym partner or someone who will help make sure you meet your exercise goals; anything is easier to do when you have someone to do it with you. When you think about staying fit and active, most people immediately think they have to go and put in hours at the gym, but that’s not the case! Find something you enjoy to do and utilize A woman going up a rock-climbing wallRowan’s clubs and activities such as rock climbing club, spin classes, intramural sports, and many more!

Now we all know how easy it is to go down to Domino’s and use Rowan Bucks on a pizza, but consider spending your money at the local ShopRite. They accept our Rowan Bucks all the same and when you sit and plan out what items will give you the most for your money, the meal ideas are endless. Options such as instant rice, frozen vegetables, eggs, oatmeal, and meats that have already been cooked such as rotisserie chicken are all great items at a low cost that make it easy for you to get several meals out of them.

A plate of chicken over rice with vegetablesWhen Rowan Bucks run low, however, using the school’s cafeteria, such as the Marketplace in the Student Center or Glassworks Eatery in Holly Pointe Commons, is another easy option. There are a variety of nutritious options to help you stay healthy. Treating yourself is always okay but be sure to use moderation and keep your health in mind. And if you’re having trouble, Rowan’s nutritionist can always offer tips and advice.

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