#PROFspective: Journalism Major Chad Wittmann

Chad, standing in the gradd of bunce hall with a camera

Today we speak with Chad Wittman, a rising senior journalism major from Alloway, NJ (Salem County), who rents a house off-campus in Glassboro. This is Chad’s story and his #PROFspective on his experience as a Rowan student.

Name: Chad Wittman
Major: Journalism in the College of Communication and Creative Arts
Minors/concentrations: Media and Strategic Communication
Year: Senior
Hometown and County: Alloway, NJ (Salem County)
Off-Campus resident: Yes, I currently live in an apartment in Glassboro
Social clubs: Rowan Alternative Music Club

Do you work on campus? If so, where/what do you do? Iā€™m currently a Digital Content Producer for Rowan’s Admissions office.

Being Welcomed To Rowan

The moment I felt like I made the right decision to come to Rowan was my sophomore year, when I joined the Rowan Alternative Music club. All of the club members were very inclusive and out going, I met my best friends there. The Rowan music scene is very new and fresh to Rowan, and is built on inclusivity and diversity. The shows that I have been to brought very welcoming people who would go out of there way to become your friend.

Chad sitting in the office working on a computer

A Typical Monday

Mondays are my days off, I try every semester to get Mondays off and that allows me to catch up on everything and prepare myself for the week. I usually go to the student center or the coffee shop in pitman to relax and get my work done for the week.Chad standing in the courtyard of Bunce

Happy Surprises

Something that came as a happy surprise for me is that the two on-campus gym are free. The new facility on Victoria is so nice and is so convenient to go during the semester. All the machines are always spotless and everyone there is always friendly.

Caring Professors

A professor that I felt that truly cared about my well-being was Professor DiUlio. He would ask students how they are, not just out of making pleasantries. He was genuinely curious about how we were doing. He actually reached out to me when I fell behind in class asking if I needed an extension on any assignments. He assured me that he’d support whatever I needed to help get through the class. I have never had another professor engage with me like that and be so willing to help, and it really stuck with me. It truly shows that he cares about his students and his job.

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Photography by: Justin Borelli, rising senior advertising major