Want to Get Fit or Relieve Stress? Check Out Rowan’s Awesome Gyms!

student wearing red shorts and blue shirt makes a basketball shot as his friends watch.

Today we feature insight from Taylor Arbitman, a rising junior advertising major from Philadelphia, who shares her thoughts on staying active on Rowan’s campus. 

Students are running on the treadmill at the Rowan Fitness Center.

As college students, we all know that there is a lot going on. Classes, homework, tests, balancing it all can be stressful at times. You need time for yourself to focus on you! Time management in college is difficult sometimes, but you should definitely fit time in your busy schedule for you. Between classes, if you aren’t wearing the proper gym attire throw it in your school bag the night before so your prepared, after classes, if you’re an early bird before classes, and if you’re a night owl after your classes. The Rowan Fitness Center and the Rowan Rec Center are open until midnight and are such enjoyable places to be.

Austin laughs while holding two frisbees outside of Rowan University Rec CenterYou won’t regret getting a good workout in or doing any of the activities that the facilities have to offer. Fitness not only helps you physically – it is mentally healthy and cleansing. No matter how much homework you have, tests you need to study for, or any other things on your agenda when you work out the focus is on you and the stress isn’t there. Want to get into shape or want to relieve stress? Work out at Rowan’s awesome gyms. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed and aren’t having the best day? Take it out on one of the punching bags at the Fitness Center. Want to burn some calories and play a sport go to the basketball courts and shoot some hoops at the Rec Center. Want to get your calves in shape and get rid of some energy and burn calories run around the track at the Rec Center. Don’t like working out by yourself? Join one of Rowan’s group fitness classes.

There are so many things around campus to keep students in shape. Keeping your physical and mental being healthy is very important just like finding time for yourself. It might be a little difficult at times but put yourself first and take advantage of what Rowan has to offer. You matter!

Rowan U is shown printed on the folded bleachers at the basketball court

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