Music Industry Students put on “Summer Kick Off” show at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia 

Touring and Concert Promotion class at Rowan

At the end of the spring semester, Rowan Music Industry students created their very own touring and booking company and put on one of the last shows at the legendary Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. 

The students of Rowan’s Music Industry program must take a “Touring and Concert Promotion” class. In this class, students have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with choosing/booking venues for music artists and handling all of the financials, marketing, merchandise and production of the show. This past year, the students were able to get their show at the Trocadero Theatre right before its final days as the venue is closing down for good. They decided to call their booking company “856 Touring” named after the local area code. 

The show was named “Summer Kickoff” as it was toward the end of the school year and summer was fast approaching. The show consisted of four acts, which were all local.Guitarist performing at the Trocadero as part of Rowan's "Summer Kickoff" show.

The acts were Rec Philly acoustic soul artist Scarlet Cimillo, local rappers MCtheRockstar and OnlyJahmez, and New Jersey based band Ocean Heights as the headliner for the night.

Overall, the fun-filled night was full of different styles of music, people, and overall a fantastic turnout for the Touring and Concert promotion class! 

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Story and photography by:
Bianca Torres, sophomore music industry major