Rowan Art Gallery: Sister Chapel

Two girls in the art gallery looking at The Sister Chapel Pamphlet

An Essential Feminist Collaboration

One of the extravagant exhibits featured at the Rowan Art Gallery is the Sister Chapel. The Sister Chapel premiered in January 1978 at P.S.1, an experimental exhibition space in Long Island City, New York by Ilise Greenstein. She envisioned a tribute or as she puts it a “Hall of Fame” for the achievements of women, presented by women. The beautiful gallery exhibits over 13 different female artists. Each painting shows a standing woman to be presented as a role model. Everything about the exhibit is done on purpose from how the paintings are positioned to the mirror in the center of the ceiling panel that represents “There is no limit on what women can do.” Rowan University is grateful to have such a historic exhibit with a positive message to empower and inspire the female students!Girl standing in front of Sister Chapel entrance at Rowan Art Gallery

“We gratefully acknowledge RYAN LEE Gallery, Anne and Vincent Mai, and the anonymous private collectors who have generously loaned works of art for this exhibition. Special thanks to Jim Greenwell and Patrick Ahearn for their invaluable contributions to the design, fabrication, and installation of this project.”

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Story by: Justin Borelli, senior advertising major

Photography by: Lauren Bitzer, new graduate, B.S. in marketing