Journalism Alumna Tells Her Story of Giving Back

Callie Condo and her fellow Whit employees during a fire drill during her time at Rowan University

Calista Condo, a 2008 alumna, has made her way from working at Rowan’s The Whit student newspaper to her role as an outreach specialist for Temple University’s Career Center. She has Rowan’s Journalism department to thank for her communication skills and her ability to transmit information to the public. 

Condo began her journey as a commuter from Deptford, New Jersey (Gloucester County). At her time at Rowan, she studied Journalism with a concentration in editing and publishing. She also had a minor in Art with a concentration in photography. Classes such as Media Studies and News Reporting impacted her professional career. Within those classes she learned how to analyze our society and the way we view media. She developed a close relationship with Professor Kathryn Quigley, who was not only one of her favorite professors, but the faculty advisor for The Whit. 

Condo and her husband on their wedding day
Calista and her husband on their wedding day.

She also met her husband at Rowan!

While at Rowan she also participated in two intensive internships. The first was an internship with Next City, a nonprofit organization about city planning. She was an art intern whose main job focused primarily on copy editing and design editing for their magazine.

She then ventured on to intern for the South Jersey Times as a photojournalist. According to Condo, both internships were amazing experiences that really prepared her for the field of journalism. In fact, the South Jersey Times appreciated her efforts so much that they offered her a part-time job after her graduation in 2008. 

Rowan alumna Calista Condo volunteering with a youth soccer league in Camden.
Volunteering with a youth soccer league in Camden.

In the midst of working for the South Jersey Times, she developed a strong connection to her community. She started volunteering for a nonprofit youth soccer organization in Camden. After some time of volunteering, she became a board member for this organization and eventually helped run the program.

Her passion for community, volunteerism and youth, in addition to her keen communication skills, led her to eventually begin working for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. While working there, she helped recruit volunteers for their school-based programming. Through this organization she worked with student organizations all over, one of them being the Temple University Career Center.

After this long journey of giving back, Condo eventually landed a position with the Temple University Career Center as an outreach specialist for employer partnerships. In this position, she helps students find employment through career fairs and special events. 

Rowan alumna Calista Condo with her relatives, who are also graduates of Rowan
Condo (left) with her relatives, who are also Rowan graduates.

Her time at Rowan, especially as a Journalism major, made her able to look at information and make it digestible to the public. She believes, “Journalists are some of the most intelligent people [she] has ever known, which makes them so versatile and with those important communication skills, they can settle into any position with ease.” 

She still holds the fun and goofy times, working late at night for The Whit, near and dear to her heart. 

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Story by:
Chad Wittmann, senior journalism major

Photos courtesy of: Calista Condo