Vegetarian Eating at Rowan

Heidi Newell in the Chamberlain Student Center Marketplace cafe

Author Heidi Newell at the Marketplace in Chamberlain Student Center

My daughter and I decided to eat a vegetarian diet about four years ago. It’s not always easy finding a variety of options when go out to eat, so we wondered what she would eat her freshman year at Rowan. I interviewed her for this blog, and her number one tip is customization! Hopefully, these places and tips will help your vegetarian or vegan student. 

🥬 Glassworks in Holly Pointe Commons (HPC): the pizza and salad bars are always available. Students can also make their own omelets or paninis. Don’t forget to visit the many stations for add-ins or condiments to spice up any meal.

🥬 The Starbucks in HPC: accepts the dining card as a meal swipe and there are vegetarian/vegan options (i.e., a beverage and food option counts as one swipe).

🥬 The student Rec Center: SHAKE’D UP is a hidden gem that offers customizable fresh fruit smoothies available for a meal swipe.

Author Heidi Newell, parent of a Rowan sophomore🥬 The Student Center: students use an app called Tapingo to place several orders at several kiosks so everything is made to order. About once a month, there is a pop-up kiosk voted in by students. For example, last year there were kiosks devoted to salads, soups, sandwiches and pasta. Check out the bean and cheese quesadillas at Sono; Freshens for a kale Caesar flatbread wrap; Jersey Mike’s for a veggie sub that comes with chips, cookies or fruit; and Bowl Life for vegans specializing in beans, grains and veggies in a bowl, of course!

🥬 Downtown: several local restaurants with vegetarian options accept the Rowan dining card. On Saturdays and Sundays, Ry’s Bagels accepts meal swipes for breakfast. Newly opened Monarch Diner has an entire menu page full of vegetarian options!

Feel free to talk to our head dietician, Melissa (Hudock) Eaton at Dining Services, about individual dietary needs and preferences. 

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Story by:
Dr. Heidi L. Newell, parent of a Rowan sophomore

Edited by:
Justin Borelli, senior advertising major