Beyond the Classroom: Marketing Major Interns at Rohrer’s Center for Professional Development

Shreya Shah, a sophomore Marketing major from Hightstown, NJ Shreya Shah posing on the bridge behind Rowan University's Business Hall.(Mercer County), is charging through college in the Degree in Three Marketing program, and she’s making sure she gets the most out of her three years here.

With two parents in the computer and science industries, Shreya took a lot of science-related courses in high school. Shreya quickly found out she didn’t like any of them … at all! After talking to one of the marketing managers at Citibank where her dad works, Shreya dove into her family’s unknown territory into the business world.

After taking a marketing class in her senior year of high school and shadowing at Citibank, Shreya applied to Rowan’s Marketing Degree in Three program, where Rowan University students are eligible to graduate in three years (saving around $22,000 in tuition fees). 

Shreya Shah reading off of a clipboard in the Center for Professional Development.Last semester, Shreya visited the Rohrer Center for Professional Development (RCPD) for resume help before applying to a Social Media Services Manager position at EveryDayEspo LLC, a one-stop-shop for all multimedia and marketing needs. After receiving an offer for the job, Shreya went into the Center to thank the intern who helped her. The intern encouraged Shreya to apply to work at the Center in the fall, which is exactly what she did. Fast forward a few months and Shreya is now a marketing intern for RCPD.

Shreya is in charge of coordinating the International Business Industry Night happening in November, checking in students for resume, cover letter or career-related help. Shreya says: “I’m learning very quickly what I have to say as a female, and at my age, is factual and true in terms of what I am doing. It’s important to formulate your own ideas when you’re in a place that traditionally welcomes robotic personalities. I’m glad I have a job that loves my own individual thoughts and ideas.” Shreya Shah sitting outside of Rowan University's Business Hall.

Shreya attributes her confidence to the marketing four-year plan of Career Development Modules. Each workshop or programming, networking event provides her with the necessary tools to succeed in the workforce post-grad. The modules help her become a better speaker and professional, competitive employee. “I’m able to apply these skills to my everyday routine,” Shreya says.

Shreya is excited to see what else she learns while being a part of an incredible network of students. She advises, “The most important thing you can do at any job is to be yourself, as cheesy as it sounds … and networking.” 

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Story and photography by:
Alyssa Bauer, senior public relations major