Faculty PROFile: Marketing Department’s Nina Krey

Meet Dr. Nina Krey, assistant professor of Marketing within the Rohrer College of Business

Assistant Professor Nina Krey photographed in Business HallShare an “aha!” moment you’ve had within your discipline that made you feel passionate about your field

“Before I became a professor when I was still studying marketing, I had an ‘aha!’ regarding international marketing. The fact that even large corporations sometimes neglect to adjust their strategies to different markets and then fail to be successful was very interesting to me. Plus, it leads to some funny examples of failed translations or cultural mistakes! No matter how large or successful a company might be in their home country, consumers are different and companies have to adjust their strategies to specific regions.” 

Describe an experience you’ve had with a student that made you feel excited about educating the next generation in your field

“For me, the best feeling is helping my students get a job and be successful in their career. Often times I get emails from students who say that they applied methods I taught them in their current positions. It makes me so happy to hear from them and know that I contributed to their success.

What’s your favorite thing about being on campus on a typical Wednesday? 

“I love the atmosphere and nature on campus. I enjoy taking moments to myself and walking through certain stops on campus — especially by the pond behind the Engineering Building, I enjoy looking for turtles in that lake when walking back from picking up coffee.”  

Assistant Professor Nina Krey photographed in Business HallWhat is your area of expertise?

“One of mine is sensory marketing. I study how the environment and the effects influence value perceptions and shopping behavior. Another area is more quantitative. I develop scales so other researchers can use them in their surveys. I also work with new technologies. I’m currently studying how augmented reality (AR) affects consumer experiences. 

What is one thing you wish people knew about your academic discipline or your research focus? ​

“Marketing is not just sales or advertising. It’s not only for creative people, it involves a lot of math and writing that you wouldn’t think of. There are so many subsections of marketing and one of them is marketing research, which drives everything else. If you don’t know who your consumers are, then you do not know how to get them in the door and to buy your product.” 

Assistant Professor Nina Krey with members of Rowan's branch of the American Marketing Association (AMA).
Assistant Professor Nina Krey with members of Rowan’s branch of the American Marketing Association (AMA); Dr. Krey is AMA’s faculty advisor. 

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Story by:
Chad Wittmann, senior journalism major

Photography by:
Nicole Cier, senior writing arts major