Freshmen Friendship: Psychology & Radio/TV/Film Majors on Their First Month in College

Gwyneth Blackley, Kaersten Garner and Emma Shea are three freshmen students who have already formed a tight friendship together with the help of school clubs. Today, they share their stories on how they met, talk about their campus life and reveal what they look forward to in the near future.

Psychology major Gwyneth Blackley sits on steps on Rowan's campusName: Gwyneth Blackley

Major: Psychology

Year: Freshman

Hometown and County: Neptune, NJ (Monmouth County)

Off-campus resident? No, I live in Holly Pointe

First-generation college student? No

Radio/TV/Film major Kaersten Garner stands in front of a brick building on Rowan's campusName: Kaersten Garner

Major: Radio/TV/Film 

Year: Freshman

Hometown and County: Teaneck, NJ (Bergen County)

Off-campus resident? No, I live in Willow Hall

First-generation college student? No

Radio/TV/Film major Emma Shea sits on a bench on Rowan's campusName: Emma Shea

Major: Radio/TV/Film 

Year: Freshman

Hometown and County: Middletown, NJ (Monmouth County)

Off-campus resident? No, I live in Holly Pointe with Gwyneth

First-generation college student? No

Emma met Gwyneth through an incoming freshmen Facebook group where they instantly got to know each other through their love of music before they even got to Rowan.

How did you meet?

“I met Gwyneth way back in January and it was off of the roommate [form] where people put their descriptions. One of the things she said was that she was in a band, and I was like, that’s all I need to know! So we both exchanged numbers at some point and we had a lot of similar interests, like music taste. It was all based off of music first, which is a lot of my friendships, and then we talked for months.

Then we ended up meeting in Asbury Park and we just really clicked well. We had really similar personalities, the same humor, and then from that point we just hung out almost everyday in Asbury Park because she lives like five minutes from there. So we just hung out every weekend until we moved in. We had a really strong friendship coming to Rowan.” — Emma 

“Yeah, I kind of just said everything I was interested in and put up some pictures of things I like such as my tattoos.” — Gwyneth

Emma and Kaersten, who are both Radio/TV/Film majors, met through their major-related clubs.

Are you guys a part of any clubs together?

“Me and Kaersten are a part of clubs together since we’re both in RTF. We’re both in the Rowan Television Network and I’m in the Cinema Workshop.” — Emma 

What’s the Rowan Television Network like?”

“It’s student run so all the students show up and they have a slideshow presentation of all the things that are going on and how you can sign up for different things going on around campus.” — Kaersten

How do you like Cinema Workshop?

“I really like it! I started writing a script for a short film I want to do so I’m excited about that. It’s nowhere close to being done but I really want to be in a film festival, that’s the end goal. I just really want to have one of my scripts come to life, because I have so many scripts written.” — Emma

Kaersten is a part of Rowan Radio and has really been enjoying her experience there.

What’s Rowan Radio like?

“It’s fun! I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to join the radio station.” — Kaersten

Gwyneth and Emma are both a part of Rowan Alternative Music, a music club focused on bringing as music scene to campus.

What is your favorite part about clubs here?

“The clubs here are really inclusive, especially Rowan Alt cause I know other colleges have groups like this, but that’s something that’s going to make my experience a lot better and at home because it’s something that I know I’m very passionate about: music and alternative music. So I think that’s going to be a big part of my college experience.” — Emma

“I like the variety of people here, there’s people for everyone.” — Gwyneth 

How has the past month been at Rowan?

“So much fun! I love college.” — Kaersten 

Three freshmen students and friends hang out on steps outside on Rowan's campusWhat other things do you hope to accomplish during your time here at Rowan?

“I want to be a social worker. I also want to join the dance team here.” — Gwyneth

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Story and photography by:
Enzo Ronchi, senior public relations major