One Month In: Taylor Negelski’s Transfer Story

Transfer student Taylor in her dorm room at Holly Pointe

Taylor Nagelski, a sophomore Communications Studies major from Ocean City, NJ (Cape May County), is one of Rowan’s newest transfer students. She previously attended Atlantic Cape Community College. Today, she will share her experiences on her first month at Rowan University. 

Name: Taylor NagelskiTaylor Negalaski

Major: Communications Studies

Year: Sophomore

Hometown and county: Ocean City, NJ (Cape May County)

Off-campus resident? No, I live in Holly Pointe Commons

First-generation college student? No

Tell us about your first month at Rowan!

It’s been really fun! I’m with all my friends now, I like all my classes and I like the college life instead of going to community college and commuting. I really like living here.”

What was it like transitioning from community college to Rowan?

It wasn’t that different because I visited here a lot so I kind of knew what was happening and knew what it was all like but classes are pretty much the same. I guess I’m just adjusting to not being around my family all the time.”

Why did you choose your major?

“My aunt was a communications major in college and she kind of sat me down and said, ‘Listen, I just see you doing this’ and I looked into it. This was early high school and then I looked into it and I really enjoyed it. That’s why I chose it.”

Taylor Negalaski at her deskWhat’s your favorite thing about Rowan?

“Just all my friends and being in a place where everyone is just like me!”

Why did you choose Rowan?

“Because I had visited a few times last year and I really enjoyed it and I could imagine myself being successful here.”

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Story by Enzo Ronchi, junior public relations major
Photography by Adam Goskowsky, junior advertising major