First Year Voices: Public Relations Major Rachel Rumsby

Freshman Public Relations major Rachel Rumsby sits on a bench outside on Rowan's campus.

Freshman Public Relations major Rachel Rumsby sits outside on Rowan's campus. Ten toes in. This is the motto of First-Year Connection: Leadership, and how I tried to live during my transition into college. For me, this meant getting as involved as possible to meet a lot of people and get acclimated to campus. 

The first home I found on campus was First Year Connection: Leadership (FCL). This is a four-day program for freshmen and transfer students that focuses on kickstarting your leadership journey at Rowan. This program allowed me to move into Mimosa, my freshman dorm, early, which really set me up for success here at Rowan. By the time the semester started, I had 40 new friends and was all moved in! FCL also jump-started my leadership Rowan career, where I am currently working on my Bronze Leadership Certificate. I still hang out with these people now, even though FCL ended months ago!

Rachel Rumsby (middle) poses with her First-Year Connection: Leadership group.
Rachel Rumsby (middle) poses with her First-Year Connection: Leadership group. (photo by Jessica Hassell)

The second group that I joined at Rowan is Student University Programmers (SUP). SUP is a group that makes programs and events happen for students by students here at Rowan. One of the FCL mentors is the president of SUP, and my RA is the Director of Charitable Events for SUP, and they really encouraged me to join. I don’t attend every event or meeting, but when I do they are always super friendly.

Joining Rowan’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, a national pre-professional organization, and PRaction, Rowan’s student-run public relations firm, also helped me in my transition to Rowan.

Rachel Rumbsy (right) hands out granola bars at Rowan University's Student Center for The SHOP.
Rachel Rumsby (right) hands out granola bars at Rowan University’s Student Center for The SHOP food pantry.

Being on a team for a PRaction client as a freshman really makes me feel like I am going to be professionally prepared after leaving Rowan. I am learning about the profession that I would like to go into, so I can be sure that public relations is actually what I want to do. 

My team on-campus is the Crew Club team. We are an up-and-coming club that welcomes people of any skill level in rowing. We are working toward earning enough money to buy a boat so that we can start competing. We are preparing to compete by working out, erging (rowing on a machine) and team bonding. I have found the members of the crew team to be my closest friends on campus. We are always looking for reasons to be together!

All of these clubs are family because they have helped me transition into having a successful start at Rowan. However, my college experience would be very different if I didn’t live on campus. My RA has been amazing with helping me through everything from roommate issues to how to use the laundry machine. My floormates are also becoming like family to me as well. I am so thankful to have this experience living on campus with them.

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Story by:
Rachel Rumsby, freshman public relations major

Photography by:
Alyssa Bauer, senior public relations major