Pandemic Profs: Prof Pups

Far away image of person walking dog at a park under a cherry tree.

Welcome to our series to give you a glimpse into Rowan University, our campus culture, and the lives of our students, while we’re practicing social distancing to protect society from the spread of COVID-19. Today’s story is from Devon Graf, a senior communications studies major self-distancing from her house in Camden County, NJ. Devon joined the Rowan Blog team to wrap up her remaining internship hours, after her internship with Enchanted Celebrations was cut short prematurely due to COVID-19 affecting business. 

Looking for something to liven up your day? I’m here to introduce you to our very special celebs of the week, Prof Pets! During these hard times it may be difficult to find a little positivity … these pets will be sure to brighten your day up. 

Professor Dog. Caption says ok class, you all got A's on your papers, because I ate them.
Don’t we wish this was the case! (Hey, Prof Pup, fix that typo!)
  1. Athena – Athena is a two year old mixed pit bull. She was rescued from a shelter in Camden, after she was abused by her previous owners. She, along with her mother and father, brothers and sisters got separated at the pound. Athena found her “fur”ever home with Nikki Schaefer, a senior student at Rowan. Athena likes to play with her friends, cuddle and go for long walks, she is the most loving, gentle dog that just wants to be loved. We love you Athena!
    Athena, a brown and black pit bull mix.
  2.  Heidi – Our Heidi girl coming in famous here! Heidi is my own pup. I love her so much. Heidi is a two and a half year old rambunctious female lab. Boy, is this a crazy dog! I was surprised with Heidi on Christmas Eve by my mom and dad. They adopted her from Lancaster, PA.  Heidi is the most fun loving dog around … and FULL of energy.  Labs are a very smart breed, and she learns very quickly. Heidi loves to play ball in the backyard, and when you say “dog park” this dog jumps in joy. Heidi loves the dog park, she’s a super sociable dog that will play forever, I notice Heidi loves to steal fruit snacks, eat your left over cereal, and steal your socks.
    Yellow lab Heidi lays on her back in a way that makes her look like she's smiling.
  3. Bella – Bella babe is a super favorite over here. She was rescued from a neighbor back home in Freehold, NJ, by Madelyn. Bella is about two years old and she loves to cuddle and be around people.
    Skinny brown and black dog looks sheepishly at the camera.
  4. Molly & Carson – Molly is a 9 year old loving dog who love was a rescue. Jenna Broadbent (a Rowan education major) loves to hangout with Molly all the time. Molly has a brother, Carson, who is another rescue who is 3 years old.
    Two tiny fluffy light brown and tan dogs.
    Molly and Carson
  5. Next up we have Madelyn Buckingham’s rescue pups! They are both puppy mill rescues and survivors. The furry brown one is the youngest and her favorite thing to do is be held and rocked. The older lab mix has an adorable obsession with gummy bears… (Me too).

    A yellow dog, stretches out with eyes closed.

    A close up of a long-haired brown dog with big eyes.
  6.  Sophie – Sophie was born on December 29, 2018 in Alabama. She’s just over one year old. She enjoys playing fetch and loves healthy snacks like spinach and green beans … (I wish I loved them as much as Sophie!). She also loves the beach and to snuggle. Sophie has her own Instagram for you to follow! @Sophiethebmd
    A brown dog with a white muzzle lays on the grass with mouth open.
  7. Korona – A big shout out to Syndie Kinsler on her cute six year old cattle dog chow mix. She enjoys kayaking, hiking, swimming and being out in the woods with horses. She is a very loyal and loving dog who loves to cuddle!
    A tan dog with pointy face and pointy ears stands at attention.
  8. Gabriella Snookie – Brandon Clement and his mother chose Gabby from an Amish farm 10 years ago. She was completely black with a brown bottom. She stared at Brandon and his mother and completely fell in love! It was like they were all soulmates. She was the last pup out of the litter. When Gabby turned 8 months they got her to be a service dog and become licensed and fully trained with the state. Amazing! She can sense when Brandon’s mother is suffering from anxiety. She was a god send!
    A long haired gray dog  lays under covers.
  9. Last up, we have Kourtey Clyde’s pup, Baxter. His birthday is April 4, and he was born in Tennessee. He loves carrots and to play fetch. He can’t sleep unless he is laying on his back.
    A dog that looks like a raccoon sits with his mouth open.

Like what you see? 

Story and photography by:
Devon Graf, Senior Communication Studies Major

Photography submitted in by Rowan students