Student Athlete Shares His On-Campus Experience

As I’m in the spring semester of my junior year, I wanted to take a look back on my Rowan experience over the previous two and a half years.

I came in as freshman from Middletown, NJ (Monmouth County) not knowing what to expect when going to college. I moved in early in August as a member of the Cross Country team, and right away felt welcomed by my teammates, coaches and the Rowan Athletics staff. The team culture was and continues to be one of feeling welcomed and respected.

Everyone on the team has a common desire to push each other forward to strive for improvement. That same feeling of feeling welcomed and respected when I first moved in as a freshman is something I want to do to pay it forward not just on the team, but as a Rowan student.

Both in Cross Country and Track it has always been rewarding to watch my teammates improve, and see firsthand the overall success of both teams.

On campus I have also been involved as an Admissions Ambassador, a student worker position, for two years.

Being an Ambassador has given me the ability to meet other students from all different academic areas of Rowan. I get to hear about all of the different projects and research other Ambassadors are doing, as well as learn about other programs they are in that Rowan offers. It has also been great to have had the opportunity to meet prospective students and their families on tour and at open houses to share the experience I had.

Anthony Raisley in front of Bunce Hall
Anthony Raisley in front of historic Bunce Hall

In the classroom, all of my professors have been very helpful, commutative, and are highly knowledgeable. They all want to help in any way they can to ensure their students’ success. As a History major, the History Department in particular has professors who actively share their experiences and knowledge to add the real-life value to what we are learning.

The smaller class sizes allow for class discussions and the dynamic with the professors personable.

Looking back at the experiences I have had so far at Rowan have been enjoyable; however, looking ahead it is exciting to see what things are to come in my last three semesters!

Anthony Raisley in front of Bunce Hall
Anthony Raisley in front of historic Bunce Hall

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Guest post story by:
Anthony Raisley

Photography by:
Christian A. Browne, Communication Studies major

Track Photo provided by:
Anthony Raisley