First Year Voices: Shahir Mollah Talks Cars & Mechanical Engineering

Shahir poses with his motorbike.

Today’s (FRESH)man Voices features Shahir Mollah, a mechanical engineering from Galloway, NJ (Atlantic County) who lived in Mullica Hall until COVID-19 shut down the campus. 

Shahir Mollah stands outside of the Campbell Library.

What inspired you to choose your major? I’ve always been a big car guy. Junior year of high school I wanted to build a car, which inspired my decision to become a mechanical engineer and add an automotive engineering concentration.

How does your involvement with SAE/Motorsports help you professionally? In SAE/Motorsports, we get hands-on experience Shahir poses with his motorbike.designing a motorsport vehicle, then travel to compete the car in a bunch of races. This process prepares me for my future in automotive engineering and allows me to meet like-minded people.

Dream car company you’d work for? Mazda or Ferrari!

What’s the best decision you’ve made since you got to college? Applying for a specialization in automotive engineering because my senior year I’ll be able to take courses specifically about how to engineer and manufacture cars. 

What advice would you give your high school self about choosing a college? Choose an affordable and quality program that best fits your major.

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