Future In Roller Coaster Design for Mechanical Engineering Grad Matthew Mazalewski

four grads toss their hat.

Meet Matthew Mazalewski a graduating senior who majored in Matthew Mazalewski pops champagne.mechanical engineering. Matthew lives with his three engineering roommates (above) for all four years at Rowan

Favorite Classroom Experience: Finishing thermal/fluids systems was a huge accomplishment that I’m sure many mechanical engineers (MechE’s) can relate to.

How Did You Meet Your Roommates? I simply reached out to a random person and asked them if they like their room frigid year around, and if they liked cranberry juice. Weird questions, right? But, both of those answers were a yes and we’ve been close friends ever since. 

As for my friend group, we all shared the  similar drive, passion, and interest that was needed to succeed in such a challenging, yet rewording major and career. 

four grads jump in commencement attire.
Matthew Mazalewski, far right, with his fellow mechanical engineering classmates.

Career Aspirations: I want to create/design, build, and program awesome roller coasters and jaw dropping themed attractions. Stay tuned!

Shout outs! Of course, I wouldn’t be where I am today without my friends, family, advisors and my mentors. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for everything that everyone has done. Thank you all!

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