Brand Management, My Favorite Class at Rowan

Julia McAleavey- my favorite class at Rowan

This story is a part of the “My Favorite Class” series.

Today’s story features Julia McAleavey, a senior from Monmouth County, NJ, graduating with a bachelor’s in advertising. Julia transferred to Rowan her sophomore year, from Eastern University in Pennsylvania. 

During my time at Rowan, I have taken a lot of really incredible classes. These include classes within the Department of Public Relations and Advertising as well as general education classes.

My favorite class I ever took, however, was a graduate course called Brand Management.

Last year, during my spring semester advising appointment, I was told that I was eligible for a program called Senior Privilege. I learned that I had enough credits to take six credits of graduate courses as a senior. I hadn’t thought to much about graduate school, but figured this would be a great chance to find out if it is a good fit for me.

I had a few options to choose from within the program, but I chose Brand Management because I am someone who could talk about brands for hours and not be bored. Being that this was my first-ever graduate course, I was very nervous at first. It did help, however, that I already knew the professor from previous courses. The course was taught by Dr. Kristine Johnson, a well-known and loved professor in the Public Relations and Advertising department. Additionally, there were a couple other students who were still undergrads, which also made the situation more comforting. 

Graduate courses aren’t too different from undergrad, but there are a few distinctions that I really liked. The classes are smaller, so it’s easier to build relationships with peers. They are also much more discussion based. Every week, we sat in a circle so we can easily talk about brands and other topics. One discussion I remember having was when we compared and contrasted Sprite and Mountain Dew as if they were people. As I stated before, I could talk about brands forever and not get bored, so I loved activities like these. 

301 High St. building shot from aboveBrand Management also consisted of several projects and presentations, both group and individual. We did individual presentations on brands in the news, which kept us up to date on what was going on with different brands. We also did a ‘my brand’ presentation, where the presenter presented themselves as their own brand. I liked this one a lot because it showed that people are their own brand, that brands have personality, and it helped my classmates and I get to know each other.

For the group projects, we did a full brand audit and a case study. My favorite project, however, was one where we worked with real clients. Two men who owned a gym wanted help to get more people to join their gym, so we pitched ideas to them that they could use. Helping out actual projects made the project seem more worthwhile and rewarding. 

As a whole, Brand Management was an amazing class and a perfect fit for me. I would recommend it to any ECCCA major who qualifies for Senior Privilege.

As far as Senior Privilege goes in general, even if grad school isn’t in your final plan, try the program if you’re eligible. It’s a great way to find out if you’d like to try grad school in the future, and you might really enjoy the experience like I did. 

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