First Year Voices: Abigail Riehman Reflects on Normal Days at Rowan

Photo of students outside of the Student Center.

Today’s (FRESH)man Voices features Abigail Riehman, a psychology major from Norristown, PA who lived in Mimosa Hall until COVID-19 shut down the campus. 

Abby posing with her friend.What did you most enjoy your freshman year at Rowan? I enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. Also experiencing living on my own for the first time and doing it with everyone who is also in it for the first time. 

Could you share with one happy moment you had with friends, professors, or other members of the Rowan community that made you realize Rowan felt like “home”? One of the first times I realized Rowan was my home was during the first month of school, I had a completely normal day, went to class, went to lacrosse practice, did some homework, but I also ate dinner with friends and hung out in one of our dorm rooms. At the end of the day I was going to bed and I realized, I just had the most normal day and I could not have been more happy. I felt content, safe, and at home. 

Abby posing with her teammates.What advice do you have for future freshmen looking at colleges right now? My advice would be to trust your gut and listen to others. No matter if you’re stuck between two schools, different majors, etc… Ask for other opinions, take it in and then listen to yourself.

What are you most looking forward to next year at Rowan? I am so excited for new classes and I am looking forward to getting more involved. I am a part of the Women’s Lacrosse team and I plan on joining more clubs and programs Rowan has to offer. 

Abby posing with her friend at a football game.

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