#PROFspective: Sophomore Health Promotion & Wellness Management Major Hajah Carpenter

Hajah walks around campus.

Today we feature sophomore Health Promotion & Wellness Management major Hajah Carpenter. She is a first-generation college student from Somerdale, NJ (Camden County). Before campus closed due to COVID-19, Hajah lived in the Rowan Boulevard Apartments.

How are you getting the most out of your college experience? 

I’m getting the most out of my experience at Rowan by trying to participate, get involved and take walks on beautiful days. I really appreciate Rowan’s campus and how beautiful it is. 

Hajah leaning up against a tree

What are you learning socially and academically about yourself?

I am learning about how much I love to work and communicate with people! I love to help others, whether it’s with schoolwork or being someone to talk to!

How have you grown as a person since coming to Rowan? 

Rowan has helped prepare me for the outside world and has made me very excited for my future! My ideas for the future have grown and I’m excited to continue in my education! My major has inspired me to hopefully open up my own gym one day!

What experiences have you enjoyed the most at Rowan?

I love all the events Rowan runs in the Student Center!

Hajah walks around campus.

How do you get involved on campus?

I get involved by attending events on campus, and being a part of the Club Lacrosse team!

How have you made friends and continue to make friends?

I have many many friends at Rowan who I love dearly. I have met some friends from Willow Hall, where I lived my freshman year! I also like to keep in contact with people I have done group projects or been in classes with! I have made a good amount of my friends in study groups I join for my classes too.

How do you create that “away” at school experience while close to home?

My friends have become my family here at Rowan, so I feel at home here.

Why Rowan?

Rowan has always had a good reputation while I was growing up! My family is from Glassboro, and watching the ‘boro be built up to what it is now has been amazing!

Exterior photo of Hajah leaning up against a tree

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Story by:
Rachel Rumsby, rising sophomore communication studies and public relations double major