Quarantine at Home Workouts

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Today we feature sophomore Lynzie Morgan, a Public Relations major with a minor in Marketing. She is from Hamilton, NJ (Mercer County) and lived in 230 Victoria before COVID-19 shut down campus. 

Welcome to Rowan at Home workouts! This is a great opportunity to get your heartbeat pumping and inherit a new great beginning in a rough time like this.

Getting a good workout can help lower cholesterol, burn fat cells, improve heart health and decrease chances of mental health issues.

Among these issues that we try to prevent by working out, there are several unknown positives to working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The science behind it in a nutshell has to do with adrenaline. This is a hormone released that helps your body react in a faster manner, causing the body to make sugar to use for fuel.

Lynzie doing a "HIIT" workout in her driveway.
Lynzie sets up her HIIT workout with a yoga mat and a jump rope.

With gyms being closed, it’s difficult to find motivation to continue working out at home. However, there are specific workouts titled “HIIT” that make it super easy to get moving and burn a lot of calories. “HIIT” stands for high intensity interval training, which consists of short, 45 seconds to one minute intervals with complete cardio and then usually a shorter interval of a rest period.

These workouts can be done so easily outside and they don’t require any equipment, making it super convenient to do. No money is needed, which makes this also very convenient. “HITT” is located on YouTube for free access whenever you want.

Lynzie and her friend Maria.
Author Lynzie and her friend Maria on a socially distant walk.

My friend Maria and I have been working out together, at the local park or in her driveway six feet apart. Our workout includes a 3-mile run, “HIIT” and driveway circuits we make up with the equipment we already have. We use 8 lb. weights, resistance bands, jump rope and a yoga mat. From there we make up a circuit and rotate to each station after one minute.

Being stuck in the house all day has resulted in us trying new things and working out outside has been keeping us busy. It’s something everyone should try and do, even if it’s for a short amount of time a few days a week!

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Lynzie Morgan, public relations major

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