Junior Major Moments: Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management Major Connor Crafton-Tempel

Exterior shot of Rowan EMS building

Today we feature Disaster Preparedness and Management major Connor Crafton-Tempel from Freehold, NJ (Monmouth County). Connor is a transfer student and commutes to campus. 

Could you share your favorite moment with a faculty member or a favorite experience in one of your classes? 

Outdoor selfie of Connor wearing reflective sunglasses

Professor Carty, who taught my Disaster Planning, Mitigation, and Recovery course at our Camden campus, was a really big influence on me. When I first came into the program, I knew I wanted to work for the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management (OEM), but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with the OEM.

Then, Professor Carty was teaching us about threat and risk assessments, just before the COVID-19 outbreak turned into a pandemic. It was during her class that I realized I wanted to go into disaster planning and specially work on disease-related disasters (mainly epidemics and pandemics). 

What is the most amazing or interesting ​thing you’ve learned in your major this year? Close up photo of Connor.

I think that the most interesting thing I learned this year was how to perform a threat assessment. This is becoming really helpful, since my parish has asked me to help with the reopening. 

What pre-professional experiences are helping to support your growth?

I’d have to say my honor society (Epsilon Pi Phi, the DPEM honor society) and Rowan University EMS. Rowan EMS is helping me gain new skills as an EMT, and the honor society is beneficial for getting connections within the industry.

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