Passing the Torch: Biological Sciences Grad Reflects, Offers Wise Words of Advice

Kira and her best friend Sean stand outside of Bunce Hall

“Forge your own path. What does my mother always say? Be unapologetically authentic,” says Kira Malik, from Manalapan, NJ (Monmouth County), who recently graduated with a Biological Sciences degree and will soon continue her education in nursing. 

Kira, who says she did not have a “traditional college route,” has loved healthcare since she was 3 years old. She began her college career at an out-of-state school, then moved to community college. When her best friend and Rowan student, Sean, suggested she apply to his school, Kira did so on a whim — and got in. 

Kira wears her cap and gown in front of Bunce Hall

Kira says she never questioned what her major would be; she “always knew that biology was the route.” And on that, Rowan delivered. Her Intro to Ecology class expanded a love for plants. Stream Ecology class took her into on-campus waters for experiments in “big waders.” And Microbiology, while “amazing,” turned her into a “germaphobe.”

Rowan “has given me a broad science education, not just strictly healthcare or anatomy,” she says. 

As an EMT in Sayreville, NJ, Kira will now expand on her healthcare experience and science education in pursuit of a nurse practitioner or midwife career. She says on the work ahead: “I’m just genuinely [interested in] helping people and just expanding my own knowledge of science and the medical field and research.”

Looking back on her last two years at Rowan, Kira has sage advice for fellow students: “Grades aren’t the only thing about college. There’s so much more to your college experience than just your grades and just studying. It’s so important to get involved and make a group of friends but not stay with that one group. You can still branch out, you can always meet new people.

Kira walks down Bunce Green in her cap and gown

“Smile at everybody, you never know who that smile’s going to touch.”

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