10 Inclusive Clubs at Rowan University

Looking for a safe space or ways to connect with others on campus? Here are some clubs and organizations available at Rowan to check out!

Students outside the Chamberlain Student Center signing up for clubs and organizations at club tables.

1. Queer People of Color

Queer People of Color (or QPOC) is a “multi-cultural, LGBTQ+ social group that works to promote well-being, inclusion and diversity to students of all backgrounds,” according to its website.

The club “[aims] to build community and relationships, as well as educate each other about cultural and LGBTQ+ issues. Allies of all walks of life welcome and inclusive to all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, etc.”

To learn more about QPOC and its president, Jahnaya Peyton, watch this video produced by Rowan Blog. 

Queer People of Color (QPOC)

2.  Women in Business

According to their website, the Women in Business Club is “a network of professionals committed to empowering, supporting, and guiding the men, and especially women, of Rowan University to achieve success in their future business endeavors.

“With the understanding that women face unique challenges, we strive to inspire learning and communication. Our inclusive programs are dedicated to personal and professional growth through discussions, speakers, and conferences.”

3.  Men of Color Alliance

The Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) is a club that aims “to create a safe place,” according to its site. 

As an organization we strive to help educate and change the negative stereotypes placed upon minority men,” says MOCA Director of Outreach Chair Naledge Brown.  

“We as an organization give men an outlet to be themselves as well as help provide them tools to function at a high level in today’s world. We also help educate young minority boys on higher education, trade schools, and credit. While also providing them with a ‘big brother,’ they can just talk about anything with (life, sports, etc.),” adds Naledge.

To learn more about MOCA, watch this video produced by Rowan Blog. 

Rowan's Men of Color Alliance (MOCA)

4.  True Colors at Rowan University

As stated by their site, True Colors is a safer space organization recognized by the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution. They welcome any and all students from the LGBTQIAAPPD community and its allies. They promote self-care, self-acceptance, and self-expression while providing a safe space for Rowan’s LGBTQ+ community to hang out, discuss issues and meet other community members and allies. 

5.  Unified Sports ClubUnified Sports club walking on the soccer field.

According to its Campus Labs page, Rowan United Sports is “where Rowan students (Unified Partners) and Special Olympics athletes come together to play on the same team for soccer in the fall and basketball in the spring.

“The goal of the Rowan Unified Sports Club is to promote friendship and inclusion through sports while still keeping a competitive atmosphere.”

The club offers opportunities to play, coach or volunteer. They “encourage all no matter what walk of life or athletic ability to join us in our Unified family.”

In 2018, ESPN visited Rowan to nationally recognize the Unified Sports Club; watch this special event here

6. Phi Sigma Pi

Phi Sigma Pi is a national, gender-inclusive fraternity dedicated to promoting life-long learning, cultivating lasting relationships and offering various leadership opportunities through our core values of Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship, and Service,” says Eta Mu Chapter President Christina Gentile.

“It is our organization’s mission and personal motto to ‘Improve Humanity with Honor.’ We are an opportunity to meet a diverse group of students on Rowan’s campus that you may not meet otherwise, gain life-long friendships and make memories that you will happily remember long past graduation,” adds Christina.

“We are very passionate about staying involved on campus, fundraising for a variety of organizations, and supporting current events such as our philanthropies, Habitat for Humanity and HOBY, CHOP, the Black Lives Matter movement, and The SHOP on Rowan’s campus.”

Rowan's Phi Sigma Pi fraternity

7.  United Latinos Association

ULA, according to its page, “[is] all about providing a space for people of different cultural backgrounds to celebrate their culture while learning about others. They also work to educate others about issues that the Latino community faces.”

8. South Asian Students Association

A newer organization on campus, the South Asian Students Association (SASA) aims to” foster a community” among South Asian students. 

SASA plans to host networking opportunities, formals and service events all centered around “[having] fun while celebrating and spreading our culture.” The organization’s goal is to “be an inclusive community to anyone interested in or a part of South Asian culture.”

9. Prism

Prism is Rowan’s LGBTQ+ activism organization,” says Prism President Ella Emmer.

“In addition to educating, advocating, and supporting our members, we also provide a safe space for our members to hang out and have fun. Our overarching goal is to create a reality of chosen family between our community, while creating change at the same time,” adds Ella. 

To learn more about Ella and Prism, watch this video produced by Rowan Blog. 

Rowan's Prism club

10. American Sign Language Club

According to its site, the Rowan ASL Club is a unique, fun and interesting club to get involved with! The club “[focuses] on learning some ASL, learning about Deaf culture, helping in the Deaf community, and having a blast doing all of the above!” You do not need prior knowledge of or experience with ASL to join. 

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, senior music industry major