Prof Style: Mask Up!

An assortment of masks made by a Rowan engineering student
Biology major Jill Taylor wears her favorite web series mask and stands outside

Need some mask inspiration? Check out some of these masks from our very own Profs! They tell us why they chose their masks and what they like most about them.

Psychology major Nhadja Crawford-Bell in the Chamberlain Student Center
Psychology major Nhadja Crawford-Bell wears her BLM mask

“I figured if I had to wear a mask, then it should be one that compliments my style and personality. My mask is perfect because black matches with everything and it relays a message that I strongly believe in, Black Lives Matter! I like my mask because when I wear it I am a constant reminder to each individual I pass that Black Lives Matter today, tomorrow, and forever. My mask stresses the fact that the BLM movement is not a trend, it is an ongoing fight!” — Nhadja Crawford-Bell, Senior, Psychology major, on-campus resident and first-generation college student from Willingboro, NJ

Political science major Brian Kreimer wears a suit
Political science major Brian Kreimer wears a mask inside a grocery store

“My sister bought them and the proceeds went to help hosptials and healthcare workers. It also matches well with my clothes!” — Brian Kreimer, Sophomore, Political Science major, on-campus resident from Lincroft, NJ

Biology major Jill Taylor smiles and stands outside
Biology major Jill Taylor wears her favorite web series mask and stands outside

“I got it for free for supporting my favorite web series. It’s expressive and well made. I feel a lot more comfortable wearing this mask than a disposable one; it’s better for the environment and helps me protect others. I love the design and the fit. It was made by Rooster Teeth so wearing it lets me show my support for my favorite content creators.” — Jill Taylor, Junior, Biology major, transfer from Stockton University and first-generation college student from Cumberland County

Music industry major Bianca Torres smiles and stands outside her home
Music industry major Bianca Torres wears a floral mask

“I chose this mask because I wanted a mask that was affordable but also stylish. It’s got a floral pattern on it and because I mainly wear basic colors, usually black, the mask is like a pop of color and pattern. It goes really well with everything I like to wear!” — Bianca Torres, Senior, Music Industry major, from Long Valley, NJ (Morris County)

Civil engineering major Max Husar smiles inside his home
Civil engineering major Max Husar displays the black mask he wears

“This mask is better than other brands. I found it in Walmart for a decent price. It’s very fitting, does not suffocate and its re-washable.” — Max Husar, Junior, Civil Engineering major and on-campus resident from Middletown, NJ

Psychology major Autumn Cruz smiles wearing a Campbell Library shirt.
Psychology major Autumn Cruz wears a floral mask.

“My mom runs a health store in Berlin, NJ. She gets shipments with masks in a variety of patterns! I like this mask because it fits nicely to my face, and I love the flower pattern!” — Autumn Cruz, Senior, Psychology major, commuter from Cherry Hill, NJ

Bioinformatics major Molly Miraglia smiles while standing on a rooftop.
Bioinformatics major Molly Miraglia wears a mask her friend made for her.

“My friend Em knows how to sew and has been making a lot of masks and mailed one to me! This mask is very easy to breathe in and the style goes with any colored clothing. It’s also very easy to hand wash!” — Molly Miraglia, Senior, Bioinformatics major, transfer from Camden County College and commuter from Cherry Hill, NJ

Mechanical engineering major Olivia Mason smiles for the camera.
Mechanical engineering major Olivia Mason wears her customized mask.

“I chose this mask because it’s my least boring mask and it was fun to make! I was able to customize it myself.” — Olivia Mason, Junior, Mechanical Engineering major, on-campus resident from Pedricktown, NJ

Writing Arts major Gina Sannino poses for a headshot.
Writing Arts major Gina Sannino wears a polka dot mask that was given to her by a friend of her mom.

“I chose this mask because it was given to me by a friend of my mom. It’s soft, it filters, and it forms to my nose.” — Gina Sannino, Sophomore, Writing Arts major, on-campus resident from Matawan, NJ

Psychology major Cellina Rodriguez poses for the camera on campus.
Psychology major Cellina Rodriguez wears a purple mask with spikes on the side.

“I chose this mask because I have a thing for custom artwork from small businesses, especially Black-owned businesses. I love the color purple too but I am also into having a bit of a punk vibe, this is why it has spikes on the side.” — Cellina Rodriguez, Junior, Psychology major, transfer student from Atlantic Cape Community College and commuter from Ocean City, NJ

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, senior music industry major

Header photo:
Mechanical engineering major Brittney Nickel and her family have sewn dozens of masks, including the patterns seen here. Read more about how she got started.