#MeetRowan2024: Sports Communication and Media Major Danny Collins

Danny holding up his acceptance letter from Rowan while laying on a pile of University pamphlets.

Meet #Rowan2024, Danny Collins! Danny is an incoming Sports Communications and Media major. He can’t wait to start his journey at Rowan. He tells us more about himself and why he chose Rowan.

What is something you’re looking forward to next year at Rowan?

I am looking forward to meeting new friends, working hard in my classes and living on campus.

What is one activity, club, sport or hobby that you did in high school that you’d like to continue with at Rowan?

I would love to continue working with the television crew and being a cameraman for sporting events.

Danny in front of the Rowan Prof statue on campus.

How or why did you choose your major?​

I chose Sports Communication and Media because I am a huge sports fan and I like doing camera work. I aspire to be an NFL cameraman one day.

How did you get to know campus?

I got to know campus by attending several open houses, some sporting events, and accepted students’ events.

What music do you like?

l like Elton John, Elvis, Billy Joel, 80s, and Hip Hop.

Night owl or morning person?

I am a morning person. I am looking forward to early morning campus walks to start off my day.

Why Rowan?

I chose Rowan because they have an excellent sports communication program and fantastic support with a tutoring center, writing center and support groups. It has the components for me to become a successful college student.

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, senior music industry major