Black Lives Matter Poem by Peterson Dossous

Peterson wearing a black suit and white shirt with the collar open.

Today we feature Peterson Dossous, a recent Rowan Sociology graduate from Jersey City, NJ (Hudson County). Peterson wrote this piece in regards to racial division in the United States.

Peterson poses, sitting on stairs.
Peterson Dossous, the writer of this poem.

The world we live in is a monopoly, it speaks for itself. The greed, the power, and ambition of having it all. It’s sad, what the government says to keep us civilians contained, to have a sense of control … how can you overpower others if your home is not taken care of first … our home; what we call earth is camouflaged to manipulate humans to appeal to their satisfaction through government aspirations and it starts early; to the simplicity of smacking a baby’s butt, to see if it meets the qualifications of falling in line to following the government set guidelines; it’s crazy. It consists of schooling, teaching a child their ABC’s to having intelligence, money to form ambition and greed, order to be obedient, torture to understand setbacks, religion to provide a sense of hope when all is wrong. The structure is what they call it, so you can be used as a utility. That’s messed up, in my opinion. Life itself is its own whooping, but they pull the strings in every event to accommodate their foolishness. They figure why to worry if there would be a replacement in a matter of seconds but when we overpopulate they form disease or send us off to war to manage the economic pole and space … the purge was always in effect, it’s just we haven’t realized it yet … there isn’t enough space for us or money and I find that crazy we are our worlds virus and we are killing it slowly it’s just a matter of time where there isn’t enough space in the dirt to even be buried and it’s all the cause of one-word; POWER …

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Story written by:
Peterson Dossous, Rowan sociology May 2020 graduate

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