My Favorite Class: Bre’Anna Kidd-Smith, Plant Diversity

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This story is a part of the “My Favorite Class” series.

Today we speak to senior Biological Studies major and Africana Studies minor Bre’Anna Kidd-Smith. Bre’Anna is from Gloucester County, NJ. Here, she shares details on her favorite class at Rowan. 

Bre'Anna poses outside.

What was the name of your favorite class at Rowan?

My favorite class at Rowan is Plant Diversity. 

What department was the class in?

Plant Diversity is a class in the Biological Sciences Department.

Who taught the class when you took it?

Dr. Sara Wright was the professor of my section of Plant Diversity.

Tell us a little bit about the class.

This class focuses on the study of numerous plants in regards to their morphology, ecology, physiology, and evolution in addition to the role that human and nonhuman factors have on the diversity of plants.

Bre'Anna poses indoors.

Share with us a few details on why this class was interesting.

This class was interesting because I was able to learn about the evolutionary relationships between the major groups of plants in addition to their characteristics. I also found this class interesting because Dr. Wright, my professor, gave the class a photo journal project that we were able to complete throughout the semester. This assignment gave me an opportunity to not only learn about different plants but also document their characteristics and the environmental factors that they encounter in their daily lives.

What makes this professor great?

Dr. Wright is extremely thorough when talking about plants and provides a lot of visual aids to go along with her lectures. She takes the time to not only create videos that provide students with information on the current topic being taught in class but also incorporate supplemental readings that will explain things even more.

How did this class help to support your academic or personal growth or your professional goals?

This class helped to support my personal growth because I was able to get back in touch with nature by taking time out of each day to get some fresh air. In addition, I now have a fresh perspective and appreciation for life. After taking this class, I’ve also become more compelled to step out of my comfort zone in regards to certain goals that I would like to achieve.

Bre'Anna poses outdoors.

What are your professional goals?

My professional goals are to establish a personal brand within the cosmetic industry and become a business owner.

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Story by:
Rachel Rumsby, sophomore communication studies and public relations double major

Photos provided by:
Bre’Anna Kidd-Smith, senior biological studies major