What is Rowan Boulevard?

Rowan Boulevard at Rowan University as seen from Town Square.

Grab a bite or go somewhere fun with friends at Rowan Boulevard, Glassboro’s downtown area at the edge of Rowan University’s campus.

A drone view of Rowan Boulevard, showing the Honors College and Courtyard Marriott end with the traffic circle.
Summer 2023 drone view of Rowan Boulevard

Rowan Boulevard is a one-third mile strip built to reinvent downtown for students and area residents. In 2000, visions for Rowan Boulevard began, but it wasn’t until 2008 that construction really launched. We’d say that now in 2023 “the Boulevard” is really hitting its stride.  Anchored at what’s considered the beginning of the Boulevard is Martinson Honors College and Courtyard Marriott at Glassboro, the Boulevard ends at the Town Square and Glassboro Veterans Memorial. 

Rowan Boulevard features local and familiar restaurants, entertainment and shopping along with on-campus housing and academic buildings. Some of our student bloggers’ favorite places on the Boulevard are Nerd Street’s Localhost (a gaming and esports venue), The Pierogie Place (check out the blueberry dessert pierogies! Chef’s kiss! And they take Rowan Bucks and Dining Dollars!), and – of course – our University bookstore, Rowan Barnes & Noble, where you can shop for Prof Pride merchandise, textbooks or sit and chill with a cup of Starbucks from the cafe (cost-conscious tip, Champion hoodies usually go on sale at the end of fall semester right before winter break.) 

The secret gem, though, and my personal favorite spot is the quiet end of the Boulevard known as the Town Square. Away from the hustle and bustle you can relax and study on the grass, near the cool art installments that remind me of Grounds for Sculpture and visit the free Rowan Art Gallery just off the Boulevard at 301 High Street. 

This is also the place where many community events happen. I’ve been to a car show, Boro in Lights, and a few food truck festivals. (You have to check out Reds III, owned by a young Rowan alum – you will not be disappointed! Link is for feature video story on them.) 

What’s so great about Rowan Boulevard is that it’s pedestrian friendly. On-campus students have a convenient place to go when they want to escape their residence halls but don’t want to go too far. It’s fun to just hang out there at night with your friends, even if you don’t have any specific plans. Cookie Munchers is a Rowan alumni-owned business open all night where you can buy cookies as big as your face at any hour. (Personally I’m a big fan of the double chocolate chip – pick up extra napkins, you’ll need them.)

Rowan Boulevard also features garages with one-hour free parking for people visiting the retail shops, and students can download an app to pay for commuter parking in these privately owned garages

Students walking down Rowan Boulevard at night.

Also on the Boulevard, you will find Rowan’s Welcome Center, an information hub for prospective students and their families that is the starting point for campus tours. 

Some additional restaurants, shops and entertainment you can find on Rowan Boulevard include, just to name a few: Playa Bowls, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Chickie’s and Pete’s, Kung Fu Tea, Mexican Mariachi Grill, The Boulevard Salon, 7-Eleven, Axe & Arrow Brewing Company, Alumni Grill, La Scala’s Fire, Dawn to Dusk Cafe and Escape Room South Jersey. (The Axe & Arrow Brewing link is for an alumni video feature!)

Probably, most importantly though, is the Courtyard by Marriott at Glassboro. Finally having a close and convenient place for families to stay, parents can come down for Homecoming or Family Weekend and future Profs from outside the area can visit for a tour or Open House and not have to take a big, long trip back home right away. 

Additionally, many restaurants and shops on Rowan Boulevard accept Rowan Bucks. Being able to buy Motrin from 7-Eleven when you don’t have cash on you, but you have Rowan Bucks, is a blessing. (Thanks for the Rowan Bucks, mom and dad!)

A Rowan University mother and daughter smile at each other in the Town Square with a glassblowing statue behind them on Rowan Boulevard.

For more information about Rowan Boulevard, visit here.

See our video on Rowan Boulevard here:

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Caitlyn Dickinson, public relations and advertising graduate

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